SENSible Question: How Might Cyclarity’s UDP-003 Compare to EDTA Chelation?

A supporter asks us to compare the expected benefits of Cyclarity’s UDP-003 to chelation therapy. Although both target the age-related scourge of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD), EDTA (if it works) dampens down the worst aspects of having ASCVD, while UPD-003 is a SENS “damage-repair” therapeutic which is expected to remove the underlying damage itself and reverse the disease process.


EoY 2022-LysoSENS

Week Two of our 2022 End of Year Campaign features LysoSENS (Clearing Waste Accumulations Out of Cells) – with a disease focus on Challenging Atherosclerosis. Also featuring videos from Life Noggin, AMA with Dr. Matthew O’Connor and Michael Rae.


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