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With sponsorship from SRF, Longevity.Technology’s Market Intelligence Unit has published a report examining the potential of targeting cell senescence to treat many major diseases - particularly including current and upcoming investment opportunities - accompanied by a foreword written by SRF Chief Science Officer, Dr. Aubrey de Grey.

The total market value of diseases that could be addressed with (eventual) senotherapeutic therapies totals over $127B.

A new SRF-sponsored report from Longevity.Technology’s Market Intelligence Unit assesses the investment potential of the emerging senotherapeutics sector, examines the potential of targeting cell senescence to treat many major diseases, and deep-dives into key companies working in the field, including:

Atropos Therapeutics; Cleara Biotechnology; Insilico Medicine; Oisin Biotechnologies; Rockfish Bio; Rubedo Life Sciences; and TAmiRNA.

The report identifies the opportunities for growth in the senotherapeutics market and the factors that will drive that growth, together with the challenges that this early market will encounter as it moves into scale and validation.

Who is this report for?

  1. Investors seeking clarity on investment opportunities, market dynamics and risk factors;
  2. Senotherapeutic innovators looking to better understand the opportunities and challenges senotherapeutics face;
  3. Existing senotherapeutic companies looking to secure investment for future funding rounds;
  4. Investors seeking information on the different types of senotherapeutics and the strengths and weaknesses of each;
  5. Clinicians looking for an educational resource to learn about up-and-coming aspects of senotherapeutics;
  6. Executives of large pharmaceuticals to evaluate their participation in the longevity economy.

From the foreword written by our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Aubrey de Grey:

This is going to be the biggest industry ever and it’s a marketplace with 7 billion customers. Not one single person in the world is immune from aging, and these customers will be willing to spend significant amounts to stay healthy – no-one likes to be sick and no-one wants to decline. The space demands a long-term view from investment.

This thorough report from Longevity.Technology’s market intelligence unit provides important insights for the senotherapeutic market and highlights key concepts for potential investors, product developers, market entrants and academics. I hope that you find it as interesting and informative as I did and that one day we can consign aging to the history books.

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