Scenes from the Lab

Much of SRF's research would not be possible without complex scientific equipment. SRF would like to thank its donors for their generous contributions which allow for the purchasing of this equipment, directly enabling research in ending age-related diseases.

Pictured above on the left is the Flow Cytometer, used to rapidly identify, quantify, and evaluate cells (such as immune cells) according to size, type, intracellular proteins, and surface receptors. Middle picture: the Olympus CK40 inverted phase microscope is used in cell culture because it enables the specimen to be illuminated from above and viewed from the bottom of the sample container at a range of useful magnifications. Upper right: the Sorvall Legend RT Centrifuge, an essential laboratory tool for separating or concentrating parts of samples by density, including tissue culture, DNA/RNA work, cell harvesting, and protein work, as well as hematology. Lower right: the Tyto Cell Sorter, which enables scientists to introduce a population of mixed cells into the instrument and receive a sub-population of specific cells as output.

Please contact [email protected] if you would like to donate a specific piece of equipment. Visit the links below to donate specific lab items from our Amazon Wish List and/or to donate directly to SRF.

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