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We need you to read these instructions first!

Donors have been making costly errors that we cannot fix – please follow these instructions and make sure your donation reaches SRF.

*If you are having difficulty emailing us at [email protected], please email us at [email protected].

Please do not make your donation until you have read ALL of the instructions below and sent all of the required information. To make this easy, you can click HERE for a form to fill out with the required information – but it is critical that you first read the instructions below.

You can donate to SRF in any currency, including any cryptocurrency that is traded at Coinbase (note that, in particular, this means we cannot accept HEX or XRP). Check our DONATE page for all the methods of donation that we accept: We can only verify crypto donations sent to our wallet addresses listed on our webpage. There is no minimum donation threshold that must be met.

If it’s a crypto currency, it will have to be a coin that we accept – any coin that Coinbase trades – and our addresses are listed on our donation page cited above. To verify that your donation is yours, we are asking that you either send a source address (if it’s a non-custodial wallet), or we’ll give you a random number that your crypto donation must end in (if your wallet is on an exchange). You can also send an email to [email protected] just prior to making the donation to add an additional layer of confirmation.* WE NEED THIS INFORMATION BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR DONATION.

You may want to send an email to [email protected] right after you make your donation – this isn’t required but will speed up how fast we can confirm your donation.*

Once your donation is processed, we’ll send you a confirmation email that will include your date of donation, its USD value, and your provided ETH wallet address within 48 hours of your donation. If this is correct, you have no further actions to take. If it is incorrect, you have 24 hours to correct any errors. After that, we will send that exact information to Richard Heart to finalize your entry into the Airdrop. Don’t worry, the actual date of your donation is the date that will be sent to Richard Heart, regardless of when we get the information to him.

Please be aware that the address you send for receipt of reward MUST have a private key associated with the address – i.e. exchanges will not work for acquiring the donation reward, it must be a decentralized or non-custodial wallet. To be clear, DO NOT SEND US YOUR PRIVATE KEY. You simply must have one on your wallet to be able to claim your reward.If you are donating in a fiat currency, we can give you our bank information or you can send a check to our address in Mountain View or use a credit card with Paypal ([email protected]). We also accept stock donations into our TD Ameritrade Account.

If you are a UK citizen and would like a tax benefit, please reach out to [email protected] to arrange your donation with SENS Foundation Europe (SENS EU). They can accept crypto and fiat donations. You’ll need to send your donation receipt from SENS EU and ETH wallet address to [email protected] to enroll in the Airdrop.*

If you are a Canadian Citizen and would like a tax benefit, please fill out and follow the instructions on this form to make a donation to Aging Research Network (ARN), a Canadian Charity aligned with SENS Research Foundation that Richard Heart has agreed to accept receipts from for the Pulse Airdrop. After you make your donation and receive your receipt from ARN, forward that receipt and your ether wallet address to [email protected], and fill out this 2nd form so that your donation information can then be forwarded to Richard Heart’s organization for processing.

Their representative Kevin will be in touch shortly. Be aware that Aging Research Network can only accept fiat donations.

Any donation we cannot verify will not be entered into the Airdrop, so please fill out this form carefully.

Any further details you need regarding the reward phase of the Airdrop, please direct to Richard Heart’s team as we are not involved with that phase.

Thank you for your support! Donors like Richard Heart, and yourself, keep SRF doing the important work to treat and cure diseases of aging. We are immensely grateful.

Live long. Live healthy.

What is the Pulse Chain Airdrop?
Cryptocurrency HEX founder Richard Heart is creating a new currency, Pulse. Prior to the launch of this new cryptocurrency, Richard is doing an Airdrop – giving away some Pulse.

How is SRF involved?
Richard is a long-time supporter of SRF and is asking that people “sacrifice”, or make a donation, to SRF during the sacrifice phase. Making a donation to SRF will enter you into the Airdrop and a chance to earn Pulse when it launches, free of charge. Note that you should NOT make the donation until we notify you that the sacrifice phase has begun, but you should notify us of your intent to donate (see below).

Does the donation have to be in cryptocurrency?
No! That’s the best part. You can donate ANY currency: crypto, credit, stock, fiat. We will liquidate it for its USD value and communicate that donation value to Richard along with the Ethereum wallet address you provide to us.

Is this donation still tax deductible?
SRF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit in the United States, so any donation made to SRF should be tax deductible in America and you will receive a tax receipt for your donation – but please consult with your tax advisor. If you are in the UK, Canada, or some countries in mainland Europe, your donation can also be tax deductible. Please see below for further instructions.

Still interested?
Below are the guidelines for participating in the Airdrop. Please make sure you read through all of the instructions prior to participation.

General Rules

Prior to donation, please send your Ethereum wallet address to [email protected] along with any details you can share regarding your donation. If you have already done this, you are all set! No need to send another email.

You may want to tell us:

  • What currency you are donating in
  • How much of that currency
  • When you will be sending the donation
  • Your full name (optional, but possibly required for a donation receipt – check with your tax advisor)
  • Any of the verification information required below

You can donate to SRF in any currency. Check the Donate page for the methods of donation that we accept. There is no minimum donation threshold that must be met. Every dollar counts.

If you are donating a cryptocurrency, it will have to be a coin that we accept – any coin that Coinbase trades – and our addresses are listed on our donation page cited above.

For verification purposes:

  • If the wallet that is SENDING crypto is decentralized (such as a MetaMask or Trust wallet) and therefore NOT on an exchange, please send the wallet address.
  • If the wallet that is SENDING crypto IS on an exchange (such as Coinbase or Binance) we must give you a random number that your crypto donation must contain as you will not be able to send a source address.

The Ethereum wallet address you send for receipt of reward must have a private key – i.e. exchanges will not work for acquiring the donation reward. To be clear, do NOT send us your private key. You simply must have one on your wallet to be able to claim your reward.

Richard Heart suggests MetaMask – which is a phone-friendly and easy to use decentralized crypto wallet.

If you are donating in a fiat currency, we can give you bank information, or you can:

  • use a credit card with Paypal,
  • send stock or bonds to our TD Ameritrade account, or
  • mail a check to our Research Center at the address below:

SENS Research Foundation, Inc.
ATTN: Airdrop
110 Pioneer Way, Ste. J
Mountain View, CA 94041

At the end of the Sacrifice phase, you will receive a notice via email confirming:

  • your donation,
  • the USD value that it was liquidated at, and
  • the ETH address to be sent to Richard Heart.

If this information is correct, please do not respond to the notice. If it is incorrect, please contact [email protected] to correct the information.

It is important to note that Richard Heart has requested that the USD value of your donation be listed at the value it was liquidated, not received. We guarantee liquidation of all non-fiat donations within 12 hours of receipt, however we will strive for within an hour of receipt. Please note that prices of cryptocurrencies vary widely and we will do our best (for you and for us) to liquidate your donation as quickly as possible to minimize any value discrepancy.

Tax Considerations

United States Citizens:
SRF can provide a donation receipt to any donor. All donors will receive a donation receipt for tax purposes, however you may want to include your full name so that we can include that on your donation receipt. Please note that only US tax payers can use this donation receipt for their taxes. The donation value for tax purposes is the USD value of donation at the time of donation.

United Kingdom Citizens:
SENS Foundation Europe is a registered charity in the UK and is accepting donations for the Airdrop initiative. They accept bank transfers, wires, checks, and cryptocurrencies. Email our Airdrop address if you need further information.

European Citizens:
SENS Foundation Europe partners with Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) to provide tax benefits to European citizens in their country of residence. Please go to this link to see if there is an affiliated charity in your country. You will need to contact the charity in your country to see what donations they accept and to direct your donation to SENS Foundation Europe. Please email if you have any issues.

Canadian Citizens:
Tax-deductible receipts for donations made to the Canadian Charity, Aging Research Network (http://www.agenet.org) (ARN) will be accepted for the Airdrop Initiative. Please contact us for more information on donating to ARN. This will provide Canadian citizens with a tax benefit, but can only accept fiat currency at this time. Please email for further information and instructions.

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