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Grant Submission Process

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal for grant funding to SENS Research Foundation (SRF). Primarily, we fund projects by identifying research priorities through our Chief Science Officer’s (CSO) team and then either approaching parties with relevant expertise directly, or if appropriate generating requests for proposals (RFPs).

We do, however, also accept letters of intent for new grant proposals from interested parties for projects that fall specifically within our research mission.  All such letters should clearly delineate the specific SENS target to which the proposal relates, and how the proposal would further progress toward developing therapies that remove, repair, replace, or render harmless that target.

All research projects are selected and periodically reviewed by our Research Development Committee (RDC), and its decisions are ratified by our Board of Directors.  The RDC convenes twice yearly, at the end of the first and third calendar quarters.

If you wish to submit a letter of intent for a new grant proposal, please follow these guidelines. Please note that SRF typically does not cover indirect costs.

If you have questions about the submission process or this application, please submit questions to [email protected] or call 650-336-1780.

Preliminary Letter of Intent

Prior to beginning the grant proposal process, please submit a letter of intent of no more than two pages in length (using 11 point font or greater) including:

  • A basic description of your research project,
  • The SENS target to which it relates, and how the grant proposal would further progress on that target,
  • Contact information for the Principal Investigator (PI) and associated personnel,
  • Brief biographical sketch of the PI,
  • Location and company/organizational affiliation,
  • Estimated total budget, and
  • Any outside funding you have or expect to receive.

Letter of Intent review

Letters of intent will be reviewed by the RDC, and where applicable and appropriate the RDC will invite the submitter to continue with the grant proposal process outlined below.  Invited participants will then have one year (or two submission deadlines) to submit a full grant proposal.

Letter of Intent submission deadlines

To have your letter of intent reviewed at our First Quarter meeting, please submit by February 1st. To have your letter of intent reviewed at our Third Quarter meeting, please submit by August 1st.  The RDC may in some cases attempt to review letters of intent sent well in advance of those deadlines in time to allow grant submissions by the deadline.

Grant Proposal Submission

SRF grant applications should follow the following format and adhere strictly to the maximum page limits (using only 11 point font or greater):

  • Abstract (1 page)
  • Background and Significance (3 pages)
  • Preliminary Data (3 pages)
  • Experimental Plan (4 pages)
  • References (no limit)
  • Budget
  • Budget Justification
  • NIH Biosketch (including present and pending support, 4 pages maximum) for PI’s, post-docs and others involved in the project (excluding laboratory technicians)
  • Letters of collaboration and support

Grant proposal submission deadlines

To have your grant proposal reviewed at our First Quarter meeting, please submit by February 1st. To have your grant proposal reviewed at our Third Quarter meeting, please submit by August 1st.

Where to send your documents

Please email your Letter of Intent and/or grant proposal in PDF format to [email protected].

Thank you!

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