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The SRF Research Center is our internal research laboratory, and the core of our intramural research efforts. In our lab, researchers undertake proof-of-concept research in rejuvenation biotechnologies, seeking to comprehensively address the disabilities and diseases of aging by repairing the damage done by the aging process at the molecular level.

Principal Investigator: Amit Sharma, PhD

Research TeamManikandan Samidurai

Part of:

Principal Investigator: Amutha Boominathan, PhD

Research Team: David Begelman, Bhavna Dixit, Jay-Miguel Fonticella, Carly Truong, Emily Wallace

Part of:

Principal Investigator: Amit Sharma, PhD 

Research Team: Kristie Kim, Ashley Brauning, Yafei Hou, Tesfahun Admasu

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Principal Investigator: Abdelhadi Rebbaa, PhD

Research Team: Elena Magay, PhD, Oliver Frost

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This research program has successfully spun-out into a company! Visit the Cyclarity Therapeutics, Inc. website for more information on their transformative approach to atherosclerosis.

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