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More Studies on Metformin and Survival

In this update, we review two recent papers that address the question of people with type 2 diabetes who take metformin living longer than people without the disease who don’t, but without the flaw in the 2014 study. We find that, as expected, metformin is a good diabetes drug but shows no sign of being a longevity therapeutic.

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Sponsor a Student

SENS Research Foundation (SRF) is launching its campaign Sponsor a Student to increase charitable donations that will allow it to hire more student researchers and teach them that aging is not indisputable. Sponsoring a student dramatically transforms a young person’s life, giving them a chance to conduct world-class research and learn more about the career that awaits them.

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Set My Heart Free: Two AmyloSENS Therapies Targeting Cardiac Amyloid in Clinical Trials

TTR cardiac amyloid contributes to heart failure and appears to limit the lives of the longest-lived humans. One AmyloSENS antibody shows high promise to remove this amyloid and restore function in the aging heart in an early-stage clinical trial. A second such antibody is coming close behind it, and a tiny number of people’s immune systems appear to generate such antibodies on their own.

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The Grand Opening of Our New Facilities

June 23, 2023 – SRF had the Grand Opening of our expanded Research Center in Mountain View, CA. In attendance were local and state dignitaries, members of the SRF Board, SRF senior staff and scientific leads, SRF staff and Education program participants, and a number of distinguished and welcome guests.

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Lights, Camera, Action on AI-Powered Drug Discovery

Docuthon is the world’s first documentary-creating competition on AI-powered drug discovery, providing an opportunity for every talented filmmaker to get involved in a cutting-edge industry, share a terrific science story, and inspire the next generation of scientists in longevity.

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