Looking for Biotech Lab Space?

SUBLEASE Opportunity Available in the Heart of Silicon Valley

110 Pioneer Way, Suite J, Mountain View, CA 94041



  • Flow, Cell Counter, & Plate Reader Lab (375 sq. ft.)
  • QPCR, Cell Metabolism, & Advanced Imaging
    Lab (840 sq. ft).
  • Histology & Fume Hood Lab (367 sq. ft.)
  • 3 cell culture labs (231 sq. ft. each)
  • Sample Prep, Sterilization, Tissue Staining &
    Bacteria Lab (729 sq. ft.)
  • PCR/Western Blot/Gel Imaging Lab (473 sq. ft.)
  • Vivarium with 200+ mouse cage capacity
  • Mouse procedure room w/ in vivo imaging
  • Multiparameter flow cytometer
  • Multiparameter cell sorter
  • Seahorse Machine
  • Microscopes (inverted, fluorescence, etc.)
  • Centrifuge / Ultracentrifuge
  • Seahorse Machine
  • CO2 incubators
  • Biosafety hoods
  • Electrophoresis


  • 5 cubicles available
  • 3 private offices available


  • Two fully digital A/V equipped conference rooms
  • (10+ person seating capacity)
  • Conference line available for use


  • Break room
  • Color laser print / copy
  • Free parking on site
  • Walking distance to Caltrain and light rail

Bring Your Ideas to a Fully Equipped Laboratory in a Prime Location.

Whether you’re testing your startup concept, looking for transitional space to support your company’s growth, or in need of specialized equipment access, subleasing lab space is a great way to start innovating with minimal overhead.

4000 sq. ft. of laboratory space

Competitive monthly rates - please contact for pricing details

All Inquiries Contact:
Email: [email protected]   Phone: 650.336.1780

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