Executive Summary, Investigative Report

The Executive Summary of the Investigative Report concerning conduct by Dr. Aubrey de Grey, as presented to the SRF Board by Van Dermyden Makus Law Corporation (Firm) on September 8, 2021. This report details the analysis and findings of the investigation with a background of the claims, investigative methodology, and a document of accompanying evidence.

To Our SENS Research Foundation Community,

In June 2021, the SENS Research Foundation began an outside investigation into the conduct of our Co-Founder and then-Chief Science Officer Dr. Aubrey de Grey. We initially began the investigation after we learned of allegations of inappropriate conduct concerning Dr. de Grey from two members of the scientific community – allegations we took to heart as a person-centered nonprofit organization. The Foundation appointed an independent investigator, Sue Ann Van Dermyden of Van Dermyden Makus, to look into the allegations. Recently, Ms. Van Dermyden reported to the SENS Board of Directors on her findings.

In the spirit of transparency and accountability, we are making available an Executive Summary report of the investigation’s outcomes, prepared by Ms. Van Dermyden, that substantiates many of the concerns of boundary-crossing behavior initially raised by the complainants. You can access the report by visiting: https://www.sens.org/executive-summary-investigative-report/. Out of respect for the complainants, our investigator has refrained from including their identifiable information in this public-facing report.

Since we first announced the investigation, the scope of Ms. Van Dermyden’s work in this investigation had expanded. In August 2021, we learned of allegations that Dr. de Grey had attempted to exert influence over one of the complainants – an action that ultimately led to Dr. de Grey’s separation from SRF. You will find that Ms. Van Dermyden’s assessment affirms that Dr. de Grey improperly attempted to exert influence over one of his complainants. Also, as Ms. Van Dermyden notes in her report, her firm is continuing to look into allegations brought forward by other women, though it would be premature to speculate on the outcomes of that effort.

At SENS Research Foundation, we expect our colleagues to adhere to the highest levels of integrity, not only in carrying out the organization’s vitally important mission, but in how they conduct themselves in personal interactions as well. The behavior detailed within this report is simply unacceptable. On behalf of the SENS Research Foundation, we, the Foundation’s Directors, extend our heartfelt apologies to the individuals subjected to this behavior, as well as our gratitude for their bravery in coming forward.

We also want to extend our deep gratitude to the Foundation’s employees and partners, who have remained focused on our life-sustaining mission in spite of a recent, regrettable period of disruption and distraction. You are the Foundation’s lifeblood, and we are here to support you and amplify your work.

Success in the fight against aging demands collaboration and partnership. It demands integrity. It demands relationships rooted in mutual respect. As leaders in the field, we take seriously our responsibility to set a tone for the longevity industry. We hope this investigation demonstrates our deep commitment to these values.

The SENS Research Foundation Board of Directors

To read the full Executive Summary of Investigative Findings, click this link.

To view the accompanying Exhibits to the Executive Summary, click this link.

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