2022 End of Year Campaign:

No Damage Left Unchallenged!

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Removing Junk from Between Cells

AmyloSENS: Ask Me Anything

With Dr. Sudhir Paul & Michael Rae

Life Noggin's AmyloSENS video

Would You Get the Brain Vaccine?

AmyloSENS approach animation


Removing Dysfunctional Cells

ApoptoSENS: Ask Me Anything

With Dr. Amit Sharma & Michael Rae

Life Noggin's ApoptoSENS video

What's the Zombie Cell Problem and How Do We Stop It?

ApoptoSENS approach animation


Repairing the Extracellular Matrix

GlycoSENS: Ask Me Anything

With Dr. Jonathan Clark & Michael Rae

Life Noggin's GlycoSENS video

Can You Actually Avoid This Part of Getting Old?

GlycoSENS approach animation


Clearing Waste Accumulations Out of Cells

LysoSENS: Ask Me Anything

With Dr. Matthew O'Connor & Michael Rae

Life Noggin's LysoSENS video

The Dead Are Supposed To Glow: Why Can' We See It?

LysoSENS approach animation


Preventing Damage from Mitochondrial Mutations​

MitoSENS: Ask Me Anything

With Dr. Amutha Boominathan & Michael Rae

Life Noggin's MitoSENS video

Can Humans Evolve Quickly Like Pokemon?

MitoSENS approach animation


Making Cancerous Mutations Harmless

A SENS Conversation

With Dr. Ravi Jain & Michael Rae

Life Noggin's OncoSENS video

Cancer May Have Finally Met Its Match!

OncoSENS approach animation


Replacing Lost Cells

RepleniSENS: Ask Me Anything

With Dr. Abdelhadi Rebbaa & Michael Rae

With Dr. Jean Hébert & Michael Rae

Life Noggin's RepleniSENS video

What If You Could Grow Yourself a New Body?

RepleniSENS approach animation

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