Clearing Waste Accumulations Out of Cells

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Challenging Atherosclerosis

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Why LysoSENS:

How much do you enjoy a sanitation strike — or (dare we say it) a clogged toilet? Now think about that happening in your cells! The lysosome is the cell’s recycling center. It takes cellular components that are damaged or past their prime, breaks them down into useful raw materials, and returns them to the cell to build shiny new cell-stuff. But now and again something gets into the lysosome that it just can’t break down, and instead just sits there. Over time, more and more of these stubborn wastes get stuck in the lysosome, until they reach the point that —like the monstrous London “fatberg” — they back the whole system up disastrously, paralyzing the cell. Without a functioning lysosome, our aging cells become increasingly dysfunctional, and disease and debility stalk close behind.

The main LysoSENS strategy is for scientists to cook up Drāno® for our cells: powerful enzymes that can break down the stubborn wastes that clog up our lysosomes. With the clog broken down, the lysosome can “flush clear” again and restore normal function to the cell. Keep it clean: support LysoSENS!

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Disease Focus: Atherosclerosis

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer worldwide, and atherosclerosis — the cholesterol-laden deposits inside our artery walls — is the lion’s share of cardiovascular diseases. Atherosclerosis begins when the particles that carry cholesterol amongst our cells occasionally get stuck in the artery wall, and the body sends in a sanitation worker called a macrophage to remove it. Initially this works fine, but damaged forms of cholesterol cause problems for the macrophage’s lysosome, and eventually it becomes poisoned and disabled, stuck in the artery wall and sending out signals to attract more macrophages to help it. But this just makes the situation worse! The buildup of these dysfunctional macrophages is the fundamental basis of atherosclerotic plaque, which increasingly disrupts the artery wall until it eventually bursts, triggering a blood clot that speeds down the blood vessels to the heart or the brain, triggering heart attacks and strokes.

By equipping our cells with enzymes that can break down the damaged cholesterol products in their lysosomes, we can restore the macrophages to health, allowing them to pack up and leave the artery wall — much like a patient leaving the hospital after an infection has finally cleared. With the dysfunctional macrophages finally out of the way, the inflammation at the site cools off, and the lesion in the artery can heal itself. Support LysoSENS, and help prevent and cure atherosclerosis and other diseases of clogged-up cells!

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