Removing Dysfunctional Cells

2022 End of Year Campaign

Week ONE

Challenging Alzheimer's

No Damage Left Unchallenged!​


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Why ApoptoSENS:

It’s bad enough that we lose cells with age. Adding insult to injury, our remaining cells can go rogue and start attacking or interfering with the healthy cells around them. These senescent cells throw a kind of cellular emergency brake on themselves when they suffer damage. Like some cars after a crash, their car alarm (in this case, inflammatory and other immune signals) goes off and won’t stop, which drives the whole neighborhood crazy! In the presence of blaring signaling from such abnormal cells, normal cells can’t do their job, which robs us of our health as our tissues become increasingly dysfunctional.

It’s these and other rogue cells that ApoptoSENS targets for termination — with extreme prejudice! We already have seen from animal models that destroying abnormal cells causes a dramatic rejuvenation of old mice and can prevent and even reverse diseases of aging. Support ApoptoSENS so we can do the same for aging humans!

ApoptoSENS: Ask Me Anything:

With Dr. Amit Sharma & Michael Rae

This week's Life Noggin video:

Disease Focus: Alzheimer's

Of all the misery that degenerative aging inflicts on us, it’s the loss of our memories and identity in Alzheimer’s and other dementias of aging that most people fear most. Too many of us have already watched helplessly as our parents and grandparents or a friendly older neighbor have slowly lost touch with themselves, forgotten who we are, and slipped into helpless confusion and death. In animal models, destroying senescent cells in the brain can greatly postpone and ameliorate the course of genetic models of Alzheimer’s. Support ApoptoSENS and speed the day we may be able to do the same for our loved ones!

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