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Challenging Heart Disease

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Why AmyloSENS:

To carry out their role in the biochemistry of our lives, the short-lived functional proteins produced by our cells need the flexibility to adopt several conformations over the course of their existence. But that flexibility comes with a risk. Every now and then, such a protein gets warped out of shape, and can adopt a malicious new shape that nullifies its essential purpose and makes it stick to other proteins of the same sort. These chains of mangled proteins then cause harm to our cells and tissues, either by being directly toxic to cells or by forming deposits in our tissues that physically interfere with their mechanical function. As we age, these “amyloid” proteins accumulate in our tissues and eventually cause them enough problems that they can’t carry out their purpose. The symptoms caused by that tissue dysfunction are what gets diagnosed as a disease of aging, and includes some of biological aging’s most fearsome cripplers and killers. With antibodies and other biotechnologies, these amyloids can be removed from our tissues, freeing them to function again. Support AmyloSENS, and clear our tissues of the rubble!

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Disease Focus: Heart Disease

When people say “heart disease,” they most often mean atherosclerosis — which is not actually a disease of the heart itself, but of the blood vessels. A much more literal form of heart disease is caused by amyloids that deposit in the aging heart. These amyloids are chains of malformed units of the transport protein transthyretin (TTR) or several other proteins, which twist out of shape, bind together in chains, and infiltrate into the gaps between the heart muscle cells. These deposits then physically get in the way of the heart muscle’s attempts to expand and contract as it needs to do to keep the precious blood of life flowing to our tissues. They also often interfere with the nerves that control the heart’s beating, causing it to spasm at the wrong time. People suffering from heart failure get short of breath when they exercise, with the limits of their endurance slowly closing tighter and tighter around them; their ankles swell, followed by their livers and other parts of the body; their hearts may beat too quickly or with episodes of dangerous erratic beats. Eventually, they die when their heart simply can’t do its job well enough, or because a clot forms in the blood that pools in the failing heart’s chambers and triggers a stroke or a pulmonary embolism. Support AmyloSENS so all our hearts can beat strong!

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