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Contact Information
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Academic Information
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First available date to begin internship *

Attention: Please be clear to answer with the first day that you could actually be at the host institution. If necessary, use a conservative estimate based on the last day of finals. You will not be held to this precise answer, but the expectation is that the answer will be accurate within a few days.

Note that the answer for this question will not disqualify you. Instead, it will help ensure you are given sufficient warning to complete any necessary applications in time for the start of the internship.
Laboratory Experience
Please indicate the level of skills/experience you possess as accurately as possible by indicating the number of times you have performed the following laboratory procedures. You may expand upon this experience in your Scientific Statement.
If you noted any computational biology experience in the table above, please be sure to explain in greater detail the specific languages or specific statistical programs you have used.
2019 Summer Scholar Projects
Use this section to identify your research interests. You may select up to three labs, but be sure to select ONLY those projects you are prepared to join. Carefully read the Research Project Description Page to review the research project associated with each PI before making your decision. You will have the opportunity to explain your interest in each project in your Personal Statement.
Demographics (Optional)
This information would aid future funding of the program. Your individual responses will not be disclosed. The information would only be used to evaluate the program as a whole.
Additional Application Documents
The additional application documents are an opportunity for you to explain your interest in specific research project(s) and highlight your prior research experience. Except where otherwise stated, you may submit files in PDF, DOC or DOCX format. The maximum size for each file is 4 MB.

Please provide a copy of your most recent transcript in PDF format. An unofficial transcript is sufficient. The transcript should list grades from all of your completed coursework to date, including those from the 2018 Fall term (semester or quarter). If Fall 2018 grades are not available at the time of submission of the application, make sure the transcript lists courses enrolled for the Fall 2018 term. Please note that this document will ONLY be accepted in PDF format.

This document should be named as follows: Surname_First Name_Transcript
For example, Greg Chin’s transcript would be called Chin_Greg_Transcript.PDF

Be sure to submit an accurate record of your entire undergraduate coursework. Use this option to submit additional transcript(s) if you have attended more than one institution during the course of your undergraduate schooling. Please note that this document will ONLY be accepted in PDF format.

This document should be named as follows: Surname_First Name_Transcript2.PDF (then ...3.PDF, ...4.PDF if submitting more than one file)
For example, Greg Chin’s additional transcript would be called Chin_Greg_Transcript2.PDF


Please limit your CV or resume to a maximum of 2 pages. In particular, highlight any prior laboratory or research experience. A brief 1- or 2-line description of your specific contribution to each research project is particularly helpful. For instance, the statement "created the expression construct that allowed us to determine protein localization" quickly clarifies your role in the project. You can delve into the specifics of your research in the scientific statement.

The document should be named as follows: Surname_First Name_CV.
For example, Greg Chin’s CV or resume document would be called Chin_Greg_CV.doc


Please explain your interest in the SRF Summer Scholars Program, SENS Research Foundation in general, and your interest in the three (or fewer) research projects you selected above. Highlight any relevant skills to your selected projects and/or connection between past research experiences and your selected projects. Limit your personal statement to a maximum of 2 pages.

This document should be named as follows: Surname_First Name_Personal.
For example, Greg Chin’s personal statement document would be called Chin_Greg_Personal.doc


We would like to get a sense of you as a researcher. Please highlight your prior research experience. Note that it is better to clearly explain your role in one or two projects in which you had a significant role rather than simply list procedures which you have performed. Your CV or resume will provide a comprehensive list of all prior research and skills. In particular, explain your contribution to the project both experimentally and intellectually (for instance, what data did you collect and what conclusions did your data produce?). The scientific statement should not exceed a maximum of 2 pages.

This document should be named as follows: Surname_First Name_Scientific.
For example, Greg Chin’s scientific statement would be called Chin_Greg_Scientific.doc


Letter of Recommendation

At least one letter of recommendation must be submitted on your behalf. You may request one or two additional letters (a maximum of three total letters) be submitted on your behalf. Recommendations from your research advisors or internship mentors are most helpful. Please download the Letter of Recommendation Directions PDF and give it to each recommender.

The directions will instruct him/her to email your recommendation to 2019recommendations@sens.org by the application deadline - noon PST, Monday February 4, 2019 (12 pm PST 2/4/18). Be sure to ask your recommender(s) well in advance, so s/he has plenty of time to meet the deadline.

Letters of recommendation sent by the applicant will not be accepted.

Recommender Information
Please list the person or people who you have asked to write you a letter of recommendation. This information will help us contact the recommender if we encounter any submission problems.

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