SRF Postbaccalaureate Fellowship Program



The SRF Postbaccalaureate Fellowship Program offers recent graduates the opportunity to conduct biomedical research to combat diseases of aging, such as cancer, atherosclerosis, and Parkinson’s Disease. Like SRF’s Summer Scholars Program, the goal of the Postbaccalaureate Fellowship Program will be to prepare participants for a career in regenerative medicine research. Under the guidance of a scientific mentor, each Fellow will take control of his or her own research project. Training will also include writing assignments that will improve each Fellow’s ability to generate grant proposals, abstracts, and other scientific reports.

The application for the 2019 SRF Postbaccalaureate Fellowship Program is now available.

Applications will be accepted until noon PST Monday, March 4, 2019 (12pm PST 3/4/19).
Please be sure to download the recommendation instructions and give your
recommender(s) ample time to submit your letter of recommendation by the deadline.


Download print quality flyer (2.6MB JPEG or 1.2MB PDF)