Education Department Spring 2023 Activities

The 2023 application season is coming to a close with a very competitive applicant pool. Read more about highlights and upcoming events.

Application season is coming to a close with a very competitive applicant pool. The Education Department conducted 50 interviews for the Summer Scholars and Postbaccalaureate Fellowship programs. Host labs received a shortlist of candidates, and the Department looks forward to their feedback. Students will receive final decisions for the Summer Scholars and  Postbaccalaureate Fellowship programs in April and May, respectively.

Some other highlights enjoyed at SRF in March were the amazing presentations by Dr. Gino Cortopassi, Dr. Ravi Jain, and Dr. Evan Snyder.

Upcoming events for the Education Department include NCUR’s 2023 Futures Fair—Graduate and Professional Fair, April 13–14, 2023 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and participation in the Ivy+ Consortium on Handshake on April 18, 2023.

Event Date
Faculty Presentation: Dr. Danica Chen: "Aging: Through the Lens of Metabolism"
Final Presentation: Oliver Frost
Journal Club: Nathan Schaumburger: "Fumarate induces vesicular release of mtDNA to drive innate immunity"
Final Presentation: Nikita Sajeev

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