Education Department October 2023 Updates

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Thank Yous

Thank you so much to all our students for their fantastic posters and presentations at the Ending Aging Forum! It was refreshing to hear how the next generation of scientists and leaders know that aging is a disease that we can and must tackle!

Ongoing Programs

The Sponsor a Student campaign is still ongoing! Please encourage people to sponsor our brilliant students and increase our reach. We love connecting students to labs to fuel the mission to end age related disease, but we also love transforming the lives and careers of young people. The investment in these students will ensure that the brightest minds, the best scientists, and the most influential leaders know that aging is not an absolute – we can combat aging and live healthier for longer!

Perks include:

  • A designated student sponsorship is named in your honor for the 2024 summer or 2023-2024 school year.
  • Admission for 2 to SRF’s education sponsors event April 4th-6th, 2024, in the San Francisco Bay area.
  • Two tickets to SRF’s annual scientific conference, Ending Aging Forum.
  • Postbaccalaureate sponsors will receive virtual invites to the sponsored student’s final presentation.
  • Your name is displayed on a plaque in our Research Center.

Open Applications

Applications for the summer and postbaccc program open October 15th! Check out our programs and share them with your network:

– Summer Scholars
– Post-Baccalaureate Fellowship

We are in the process of reviewing candidates for the Inaugural Graduate Internship Cohort. We had some fantastic candidates and cannot wait to confirm placements and share them with you!

Our new PhD program is always open for applications! Applciants who apply before November 1st will be eligible for spring admission. We will be releasing a new policy for Staff members who want to take advantage of this program soon.

— Upcoming Programs —

Date Program Audience
SRF Closed – Indigenous People’s Day
All postbaccs will get holiday pay for this day. Contact Lilli if you’re external and this isn’t conducive with your labwork.
SRF Ed. Staff and students.
1PST: Proposal Presentations: Gabriel, Laura, and Bronwyn
SRF Ed. Staff and students. Host labs may attend for their student only.
11PST: Journal Club by Kristen Abe
Open to all.

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