Education Department May 2023 Updates

The 2023 application season is coming to a close with a very competitive applicant pool. Read more about highlights and upcoming events.

The Education Department has made all placements for the 2023 Summer Scholars program. We look forward to welcoming and introducing our new scholars very soon. All Postbaccalaureate Fellowship recipients will be notified of their placement in May. 

Look out, we are launching a new Graduate Internship Program for 2024. The program will run from January to August.

The Education Department had a great time at NCUR’s Conference and 2023 Futures Fair in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We met over 200 students and staff. As a sponsor at this year’s conference, we evaluated 28 posters and awarded two students from the University of Alabama at Birmingham for their research.

Anantha Korrapati:
Heavy Metal Exposure Induces Senescence as a Mechanism of Dopaminergic Neurodegneration in a Parkinsons’ Disease Model” 
Authors: Anantha Korrapati and Briana De Miranda

Sai Sumedha Bobba:
Mutant GBA1 Mice Show Impaired Contextual Memory and Increased Hippocampal alpha-synuclein
Authors: Bobba, Sai Sumedha, Mahoney-Crane, Casey Volpicelli-Daley, Laura

Congratulations Anantha and Sai Sumedha!

Left to Right: Lillian Fishman, SRF Director of Academic Affairs, Anantha Korrapati, and Sai Sumedha Bobba
Nathan Schaumburger

Congratulations to Postbaccalaureate Fellow Nathan Schaumburger, he was accepted in Harvard University’s PhD program and will be attending this fall. Way to go Nathan!

Ashley Brauning

Congratulations to Master Student Ashley Brauning, she was accepted to University of Washington’s PhD program and will be attending this fall. She will be defending her thesis in early May and we will be so sad to see her go, but can’t wait to see all she will accomplish! Way to go Ashley!

Gabriel Meca

Join us in welcoming Gabriel Meca Laguna who will be starting this month in Dr. Amit Sharma’s lab! Gabriel is currently a master’s student at the Medical University of Vienna in Austria and will be with us for one year! 

Thank you so much Ashley and Oliver for playing the Photo Challenge game this month! We loved seeing you in the slopes and with the cells!

Thank you to our scholars who will be leaving this month. Each of you has made a wonderful impact on our department. We appreciate your hard work and dedication.

Ashley Brauning
M.S. Candidate Sharma Lab
Isaac Collibee
Postbaccalaureate Fellow Sharma Lab
Nikita Sajeev
Postbaccalaureate Fellow Snyder Lab
Nathan Schaumburger
Postbaccalaureate Fellow Boominathan Lab

— Important Educational Programming Dates —

Event Date
Final Presentation: Nikita Sajeev
Final Presentation: Nathan Schaumburger
Final Presentation: Ashley Brauning
Final Presentation: Isaac Collibee

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