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Thank Yous

Thank you to Stanford University for allowing us to participate at this year’s Biosciences virtual career fair. We met many outstanding graduate students and alumni. We hope to connect with you all in the future and we look forward to your applications!

Thank you to Dr. Matt Kaeberlein and Michael Rae for their seminars to our SRF staff and students this past month. We greatly appreciated your talks and enjoyed hearing about the current projects you are undertaking.


We want to welcome our new summer students and post-baccalaureates for this upcoming term!

Aditi Thambala
Wiley Lab
Allen Trevizo
Boominathan Lab
An Zainetdinova
Chen Lab
Andrew Bowser
Boominathan Lab
Hien Bui
Karan Malhotra
Hebert Lab
Natalie Pushlar
Snyder Lab
Srita Kothuri
Snyder Lab

Ongoing Programs

The Sponsor a Student campaign is still ongoing! Please encourage people to sponsor our brilliant students and increase our reach. We love connecting students to labs to fuel the mission to end age related disease, but we also love transforming the lives and careers of young people. The investment in these students will ensure that the brightest minds, the best scientists, and the most influential leaders know that aging is not an absolute – we can combat aging and live healthier for longer!

Perks include:

  • A designated student sponsorship is named in your honor for the 2024 summer or 2024-2025 school year.
  • Postbaccalaureate sponsors will receive virtual invites to the sponsored student’s final presentation.

  • Your name is displayed on a plaque in our Research Center.

Open Applications

We have opened our 2024 Postbaccalaureate fellowship program one last time! Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until spots have been fulfilled. For more information and to apply for the program, go to:

Our PhD and Master’s programs are open for applications for the spring term! For more information and to apply for the program, go to:

Also, our Graduate internship program is now open for applications! Applications will be considered on a rolling basis and are due by August 31st. For more information and to apply for the program, go to:

— Upcoming Dates —

When What
Independence Day – SRF is closed
12 PST: Faculty presentation by Dr. Jeff Mason
12 PST: Faculty presentation by Dr. Amit Sharma & Dr. Amutha Boominathan
11 PST: Journal Club

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