Education Department April 2024 Updates

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Thank Yous

Thank you to the University of San Francisco, UNC at Chapel Hill, and the University of Miami for allowing us to participate at your in-person and virtual career fairs this past month! It was great to connect with the students and we hope to participate in future networking events.

Thank you to Kriti, Michael, and Kartik for their presentation during our education hour! You all are making phenomenal progress with your research projects!

Congratulations Laura Lin! Laura was our 2024 Post-bacc speed talk champion! Laura’s excellent presentation detailed using cancer cells to fight glioblastoma and those of you who were there certainly will not soon forget her brilliant imagery of using cancer cell vesicles as a trojan horse to deliver a cancer vaccine. Way to go Laura!!

Thank you to all our students for their outstanding speed presentations! We truly appreciate and value your hard work in presenting your research projects to the SRF staff.

Ongoing Programs

The Sponsor a Student campaign is still ongoing! Please encourage people to sponsor our brilliant students and increase our reach.

Open Applications

Our PhD and Master’s programs are always open for applications! The deadline is June 1st, 2024 for fall admission. To learn more, click here.

— Upcoming Dates —

When What
USC Employer Resume Review Fair (Virtual)
4/8 – 4/10
NCUR Conference at Long Beach
12 PST: Final Presentation - Bronwyn
12 PST: Final Presentation - Lucta
11 PST: Journal Club – Laura
12 PST: Final Presentation - Laura

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