MitoMouse Project

Work supported by the 2015 MitoSENS crowdfunding initiative demonstrated that our strategy to neutralise mitochondrial mutations works in cell culture. Now, our new MitoMouse project aims to prove that the same technique can work in live mice. Can you help us raise the $50,000 we need?

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Rejuvenation Now!

The Forever Healthy Foundation has launched a new “Rejuvenation Now” initiative, designed to identify rejuvenation therapies that are available right now and evaluate their risks and benefits. Analyses of NAD+ Restoration Therapy and Fisetin Senolytic Therapy are now available to read.

SciFuture Interview

In conversation with Adam Ford, Dr. Aubrey de Grey explains how recent extraordinary results with senolytic drugs suggest that the milestone of “Robust Mouse Rejuvenation” – a key step towards comprehensively undoing human aging – could be as little as three years away.

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