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Welcome to the SRF Research Integrated Science Education (RISE) Program Video Homepage! These videos have been designed specifically for the RISE lessons. The RISE Program focuses on integrating experimental design and data interpretation concepts into high school biology curriculum through high quality video explanations, interactive student activities, and discussion-friendly slides.

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This Program was made possible by a grant from Dalio Philanthropies.

The first module will introduce you to COVID-19 and explore how the seemingly disparate clinical manifestations of the disease may be connected. The series of background videos and interactive activities found on this homepage will help prepare you to evaluate published COVID-19-related research publications.

  • What Connects the Symptoms of COVID-19? (5 lessons)

    A growing number of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 develop symptoms in organs other than the respiratory system as doctors first expected. Can we identify a molecular mechanism that can explain all of the symptoms?

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