The SENSible Blog discusses the development of rejuvenation biotechnology around the world: progress being made in the field of longevity, the design of medical therapies to cure, reverse and prevent the diseases and disabilities of aging, and much more.

Our content is a blend of popular interest articles – labelled “Easy Reads”, and designed to require no specific background knowledge – as well as more detailed scientific commentaries, labelled as “In-Depth” and aimed towards readers with some grounding in the biological/medical sciences.

SENSible Question: New MitoSENS Strategies

A supporter asks us to elaborate on projects other than allotopic expression (AE), that SRF has undertaken that are targeting mitochondrial dysfunction; and how they relate to the original strategy of allotopic expression?

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A TAME Attempt to Slow Aging Part 2: Human Studies on Survival and Risk of Diabetes

Metformin has been proposed as an “anti-aging drug,” and scientists are organizing TAME, a major clinical trial to test the idea. In Part 2 of this 5-part series, we look at some of the human studies on metformin, including a flawed observational study that created the illusion that diabetics on metformin actually live longer than people without diabetes.

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