An SRF-sponsored new organization and Longevity Summer Camp

SRF is a proud sponsor of LessDeath and the Longevity Summer Camp! LessDeath is a new organization and event series dedicated to helping people join the Longevity Biotechnology industry through education, career and community strategizing, job opportunities, and more.

You don’t need a biology PhD to get involved! The industry needs many types of scientists, engineers, programmers, founders, technicians, operations experts and more. If you’re passionate about maximizing human health and lifespan, LessDeath’s mission is to help you find effective ways to contribute!

LessDeath’s Longevity Summer Camp will be hosted July 20th-24th in California. Our very own Vice President of Research, Dr. Alexandra Stolzing, will be one of the camp counselors. Visit the link below to learn more and to apply to the summer camp.

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Announcing the new Chairman of the SRF Board of Directors

SRF is pleased to announce that Bill Liao has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors.

He’s been serving as a Director and Board Secretary since the beginning of SRF. Bill Liao is a Chinese-Australian-Irish entrepreneur, investor, former diplomat, business mentor, author, passionate leader and speaker, with a distinguished record in business development and community activism. He is co-founder of the CoderDojo movement which teaches children worldwide how to code, and of Weforest, which has a stated goal of planting a hundred million trees around the equator. He has been a member of official delegations to the COP climate change summits. His career in tech and business encompasses two unicorn companies and launching the world’s first bio-tech accelerator. He has participated as an investor and volunteer for The Hunger Project in Uganda, New York, and Mexico. He is a general partner of SOSV, a venture capital fund of over $1B, and founder of the SOSV Momentum Pre-accelerator program. Bill’s current focus is Quantum Software.

Barbara Logan who is stepping down as Chair, has been serving as a Director since the founding days of the organization and we are profoundly grateful for her leadership, guidance and support during all these years, and recently through some of the most difficult times the organization had to face. She remains a Board member.

The members of our Board are dedicated and esteemed persons who bring extensive, diverse experience and commitment to guiding SRF.

We are excited to keep harnessing their knowledge and energy into furthering our mission.

Aging of the Immune System: Focus on Natural Killer Cells Phenotype and Functions

We are proud to announce the recent publication by the ApoptoSENS team led by Dr. Amit Sharma in the journal Cells describing the role and controversies involving the aging of Natural Killer (NK) cells and age-related NK cell dysfunction.

NK cell dysfunction is implicated in the increasing burden of infection, malignancy, inflammatory disorders, and senescent cells with age.

This review focuses on recent advances and open questions in understanding the interplay between systemic inflammation, senescence burden, and NK cell dysfunction in the context of aging and potential therapies for age-related diseases.

Authors: Ashley Brauning, Michael Rae, Gina Zhu, Elena Fulton, Dr. Tesfahun Dessale Admasu, Prof. Alexandra Stolzing, Dr. Amit Sharma contributed to this publication.

DOI: 10.3390/cells11061017

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A Message from the SRF Board of Directors

Invitation for Dr. De Grey and Richard Heart to join the Board of Directors

The SENS Research Foundation Board of Directors has a singular focus – to help the Foundation develop, promote, and ensure widespread access to therapies that cure and prevent the diseases and disabilities of aging. As the body responsible for ensuring the organization’s alignment with its mission, it is important our Board comprise leaders within the longevity field – visionaries dedicated to defeating the effects of aging permanently.

Many supporters have followed with interest our recent separation from our co-Founder Dr. Aubrey de Grey, and some have expressed concern regarding the possibility of our mission focus drifting off course. We remain firmly on-mission and continue to make real progress in our field, however, we acknowledge that we are the foundation we are today because of Dr. de Grey’s vision and leadership within the longevity movement. With this in mind, we have formally offered Dr. de Grey a Directorship within the Board of Directors.

His installment as a Director will be effective immediately upon the successful completion of the recommendations made by the accredited professional he has personally engaged, with a subsequent letter of recommendation to the Board of Directors supporting Dr. de Grey’s ability to fulfill the duties of Directorship. In this capacity, Dr. de Grey would lend his expertise to help steer the vision of the Foundation. Consistent with good governance and past practices, Dr. de Grey and the other members of the Board will approve the annual budget, review the annual audit, interview and hire executives, act as advocates for SRF, and largely ensure that the mission is being adhered to by the organization.

With an eye toward continued growth, we have also extended an invitation to Richard Heart to join the SRF Board. Richard is a passionate advocate within the longevity movement, a visionary in his own right, and the organizer of the largest fundraising campaign in SRF history. Both SRF and the longevity movement at large would benefit greatly from Richard joining our Board, and we are grateful for his sincere consideration.

We share these invitations with the public both in the interest of transparency and to be clear about the desired direction of our Board and, by extension, our continued growth in and service to the longevity field.

We will share more as we continue to plan for our future. Until then, thank you for your support of our important work.

The SENS Research Foundation Board of Directors

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our Research Center

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our Research Center to over 11,000 sq. feet with the addition of new lab and office space. This is more than doubling our current facility in Mountain View California that is home to SRF’s global operations. 

Thank you to all the donors who made this expansion possible. We are grateful beyond words for your ongoing support, as it has enabled us to rapidly expand not just our lab space, but our internal research programs, as well as the equipment and other resources needed to accelerate the defeat of age-related disease.

We will host a Grand Re-Opening early this summer to which everyone will be invited – watch your inbox and stay tuned for details.

Job Opportunity: Data Scientist

Job Type: Full-time (8hr shift, Monday-Friday)
Title: Data Scientist
Salary: Pay is salaried, commensurate with experience and local rates.


  • Ph.D. in computer science, statistics, computational biology, bioinformatics or related fields
  • Knowledge and experience in statistics and modeling
  • Extensive experience with machine learnin
  • Strong coding skills in Python or R
  • Experience with MitoProd and Provean would be advantageous
  • Experience with Design of experiments (DOE) or similar techniques advantageous
  • Experience with working on experimental/trial design and results analysis in close collaboration with experimental biologists and/or clinicians

You may be a good match if you are

  • Self-motivated and proactive with an eye for where you can make a positive contribution across a range of diverse projects
  • Detail-oriented, organized, and technically competent
  • Adaptable, responsive, and responsible
  • Enthusiastic about rapidly and creatively experimenting, learning, and improving
  • Able to explain technical concepts clearly with good interpersonal skills

SENS Research Foundation (SRF) is hiring a Data Scientist, to help internal projects at our Research Center (RC) in Mountain View, California. SRF is a non-profit organization globally recognized for its dedication to transforming the way the world researches and treats aging ( The RC hosts the SRF internal research including PIs, postdoctoral specialists, researchers, and students.


We are looking for a Data Scientist to advise on all aspects of data analysis across the entirety of the SRF Research program. We are seeking a creative and ambitious individual who will help to plan experiments, evaluate internal experimental data, and help analyze public data repositories. You will advise SRF scientists and external grant recipients in direct liaison with the SRF Vice President of Research.

This is a creative position as part of an intelligent, interdisciplinary, and fast-moving organization. Specific knowledge surrounding the biology of aging is not required, but there should be a fundamental interest in solving aging as a global health crisis. Initial projects will include protein structure modeling, pathway analysis based on proteomic and genomic datasets, automatization of image analysis, and statistical analysis of lifespan data.

We offer an excellent benefits package including paid vacation and sick leave, fully covered health insurance (inclusive of dependents), an FSA program, and a company matched 401(k) plan, all of which is offered after a 90-day introductory period. SENS Research Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity at our organization. Visa sponsoring is a possibility.

The position is available now and will be filled as soon as the qualified candidate is found.


Please submit your CV along with a Cover Letter to [email protected]

Job Opportunity: Research Scientist – MitoSENS

Job Type: Full-time (8hr shift, Monday-Friday)
Title: Research Scientist
Salary: Pay is salaried, commensurate with experience and local rates.

The Opportunity:

SRF is a non-profit organisation globally recognized for its dedication to transforming the way the world researches and treats aging ( We are located in Mountain View, California, in the heart of bay area biotech hub and several premier academic institutions.

Mitochondria are dynamic organelles vital to several functions within the cell. Decline in mitochondrial function is a distinctive feature in several age-related pathologies including sarcopenia, metabolic dysfunctions, and neurodegenerative disorders. It has been observed that, with age, mutations in the mitochondrial DNA accumulate at an order of magnitude higher compared to the nucleus. The Boominathan lab at SENS Research Foundation is developing gene therapies to functionally express the 13 protein coding genes in the mitochondrial genome from the nucleus (also called allotopic expression). We are also interested in modulating the mitochondrial DNA for sustained organelle fitness and function over time. Using disease cell lines and in vivo models, our lab integrates molecular biology, biochemistry, and computational tools in achieving these goals. For project details please see

Key Responsibilities:

This research position is within a collaborative and dynamic group developing transitional therapies for mitochondrial dysfunctions.

  • Plan, design and execute all aspects of preclinical research
  • Analyze data, prepare reports, and present results regularly in internal and external settings
  • Mentor junior staff and maintain day to day functions in the laboratory

Technical Skills and Qualifications:

  • The ideal candidate should have a Ph.D. in biology/ biochemistry/ biomedical/ bioengineering or a related field
  • Proven experience in cell and molecular biology, gene therapy / DNA editing, working with rodent models, and assay development
  • Familiarity in designing large DNA constructs (BAC cloning, artificial chromosomes) is highly desired
  • Experience with biomolecule delivery using vesicles, exosomes, nanoparticles, or similar technologies highly desired
  • Exposure to mitochondria biology is a plus but not required
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills with the ability to thrive in a goal-driven team environment
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to plan and document your work diligently
  • Positive spirit, a real drive for science
  • Capacity to adapt as priorities and requirements change


We offer an excellent benefits package including paid vacation and sick leave, fully covered health and dental insurance (inclusive of dependents), an FSA program, and a company-matched 401(k) plan, all of which is offered after a 90-day introductory period. SENS Research Foundation is an equal opportunity employer. We may sponsor a visa for international applicants.

The position is available now and will be filled as soon as qualified candidates are found. Salary is commensurate with job experience.


If you are interested in this opportunity, please send a current CV and a letter expressing your interest to [email protected].

Announcement from the SRF Board of Directors

March 25, 2022

Over the past two years, SRF’s volunteer Board members have devoted unprecedented selflessness – including countless hours and great emotional energy – to their duties as the foundation’s unpaid fiduciaries.

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to our colleagues who, as of March 23, have stepped down from the Board to focus more on their professional endeavors and personal lives.

Michael Boocher
Jonathan Cain
Mike Kope
Frank Schuler

As always, the remaining Directors, together with our remarkable SRF staff, will stay sharply focused on our original mission of curing the disease of aging.

The SENS Research Foundation Board of Directors


Announcement from the SRF Board of Directors

In August 2021, the SENS Research Foundation Board of Trustees separated from Dr. Aubrey de Grey, our Co-Founder and then-Chief Science Officer. This was a difficult decision, but, as we said at the time, a necessary one.

In doing so, we wholeheartedly acknowledged that we are an organization that is, and always will be, shaped by Dr. de Grey’s vision for transformation within the longevity field. In that spirit, in December 2021, we began a cautious, but important process of re-unifying with Dr. de Grey – a process aimed at helping both Dr. de Grey and the Board move forward from a difficult and contentious period and refocus our collective efforts on bolstering research that can permanently cure the effects of aging. Dr. de Grey would rejoin the Foundation as a consultant with a pathway toward a full and proper re-integration. Such an arrangement was to be made cautiously, with an eye toward our shared mission, and free from public spectacle.

We regret to report that, effective immediately, Dr. de Grey will no longer be consulting with SRF.

It’s important to note that, as with our previous separation, this is not related to the findings of last year’s independent investigation. While those investigations did substantiate instances of poor judgment and boundary-crossing behaviors, Dr. de Grey is not a sexual predator. Rather, the termination of Dr. de Grey’s consultancy with the Foundation is entirely due to his unwillingness to comply with even the most basic conditions of the agreements he signed with advice from his counsel. In the spirit of transparency, you can access the signed contract here: LINK

The SRF staff is talented, positive, and dedicated to our cause. We want to ensure they can advance their work free from distraction. As a Board, this will become both our sole focus and our promise. Every one of our Directors has worked exhaustively to preserve this Foundation during an unprecedented, challenging time in our history. A number of our members need to move on to other endeavors, but we will be looking to expand the Board and further the cause in the near future. We are grateful for every member’s service and commitment to the longevity field, as well as their strength in making these difficult but necessary decisions.

It is SRF’s intention that we and Dr. de Grey can continue to work in a way that is aligned toward a common purpose: to cure the disease of aging. Until such time, we will do all we can to assure you we are navigating this situation in a manner that honors our mission and fiduciary duties while respecting the legacy of our founding.


The SENS Research Foundation Board of Directors

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