Molecules to Destroy Microbial Invaders in the Brain and Hold Beta-Amyloid in Check

Part of: AmyloSENS ApoptoSENS GlycoSENS LysoSENS MitoSENS OncoSENS RepleniSENS Stanford University Principal Investigator: Annelise E. BarronResearch Team: Kristian Sørensen, Jennifer Lin, Josefine Eilsø Nielsen, and John Fortkort The aging brain is vulnerable to invasion by infectious microbes, and there is compelling evidence that some of these pathogens drive neurodegenerative aging of the Alzheimer’s type (AD). …

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Sponsor a Student

SENS Research Foundation (SRF) is launching its campaign Sponsor a Student to increase charitable donations that will allow it to hire more student researchers and teach them that aging is not indisputable. Sponsoring a student dramatically transforms a young person’s life, giving them a chance to conduct world-class research and learn more about the career that awaits them.


Introducing the SRF-University of Toledo PhD Program

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a joint PhD program between SENS Research Foundation and the University of Toledo Biological Sciences Department. This program offers a unique opportunity for aspiring researchers to pursue their doctoral degree in the cutting-edge field of anti-aging research, with a damage-repair approach.


Ending Aging Forum 2023

This virtual event is your opportunity to hear first-hand about the latest advances that our in-house researchers are making toward new rejuvenation biotechnologies, along with some of our young scientists-in-training and outside researchers whose research we fund.


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