The Zombie Problem Happening Inside You

A new SRF/Life Noggin animation about clearing senescent cells.

Don’t miss our new super fun SRF and Life Noggin animation about zombie cells and the SENS damage repair approach!

The cells in your body are continually dividing and replacing old or damaged tissue. This is what keeps you healthy. But eventually, due to cellular stress, they stop multiplying. And, instead of being killed and cleared from your body like typical dysfunctional cells through a process known as apoptosis, they remain and release harmful chemicals that destroy or impair the cells around them.

These are called senescent cells and, as you age, you get more and more of them, leading to age-related disorders like cancer, cardiovascular disease, dementia, osteoporosis, and metabolic diseases. The development of these cells is considered a hallmark of aging.

Part of our work is finding ways to slow down or even reverse their accumulation in order to prevent or treat age-related diseases and ultimately extend one’s lifespan.

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