Announcement from the SRF Board of Directors

SRF clarifies employment status of Dr. Aubrey de Grey

In August 2021, the SENS Research Foundation Board of Trustees separated from Dr. Aubrey de Grey, our Co-Founder and then-Chief Science Officer. This was a difficult decision, but, as we said at the time, a necessary one.

In doing so, we wholeheartedly acknowledged that we are an organization that is, and always will be, shaped by Dr. de Grey’s vision for transformation within the longevity field. In that spirit, in December 2021, we began a cautious, but important process of re-unifying with Dr. de Grey – a process aimed at helping both Dr. de Grey and the Board move forward from a difficult and contentious period and refocus our collective efforts on bolstering research that can permanently cure the effects of aging. Dr. de Grey would rejoin the Foundation as a consultant with a pathway toward a full and proper re-integration. Such an arrangement was to be made cautiously, with an eye toward our shared mission, and free from public spectacle.

We regret to report that, effective immediately, Dr. de Grey will no longer be consulting with SRF.

It’s important to note that, as with our previous separation, this is not related to the findings of last year’s independent investigation. While those investigations did substantiate instances of poor judgment and boundary-crossing behaviors, Dr. de Grey is not a sexual predator. Rather, the termination of Dr. de Grey’s consultancy with the Foundation is entirely due to his unwillingness to comply with even the most basic conditions of the agreements he signed with advice from his counsel. In the spirit of transparency, you can access the signed contract here: LINK

The SRF staff is talented, positive, and dedicated to our cause. We want to ensure they can advance their work free from distraction. As a Board, this will become both our sole focus and our promise. Every one of our Directors has worked exhaustively to preserve this Foundation during an unprecedented, challenging time in our history. A number of our members need to move on to other endeavors, but we will be looking to expand the Board and further the cause in the near future. We are grateful for every member’s service and commitment to the longevity field, as well as their strength in making these difficult but necessary decisions.

It is SRF’s intention that we and Dr. de Grey can continue to work in a way that is aligned toward a common purpose: to cure the disease of aging. Until such time, we will do all we can to assure you we are navigating this situation in a manner that honors our mission and fiduciary duties while respecting the legacy of our founding.


The SENS Research Foundation Board of Directors

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