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SENS Research Foundation Leadership

SENS Research Foundation was founded in 2009 by a team of five individuals, invested in seeing the SENS approach to aging make an impact in healthcare. Since then, SRF has grown into a world leader in rejuvenation biotechnology with global health summits, academic conferences, internal and external research programs and over 1,000 annual donors. Our leadership team — comprised of our top executives, Board of Directors, and Research Advisory Board — continue to expand the foundation, bring in new and motivated talent, and drive how the world views aging.

Dr. Aubrey de Grey and Jim O’Neill drive SRF into its second decade of innovative research.

Comprised of forward-thinking, mission-driven individuals, the Board continues to grow SRF into a global powerhouse for change.

World renowned experts from all areas of rejuvenation biotechnology act as SRF’s scientific advisors on the SENS approach to aging.

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