A Busy Spring in the Education Department

The Education Department is hard at work evaluating over 390 student applications and looking forward to hosting presentations and visiting professional fairs in the coming weeks.

Over the course of the 2023 recruitment season, the Education Department spoke with over 390 students. It was a pleasure getting to meet every one of them! All applicants will be notified of their status this month.

The Education Department is excited to feature Dr. Gino Cortopassi in a Faculty Presentation on March 14th, 2023. Dr. Cortopassi is Professor of Molecular Biosciences at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis.

A special thanks to master’s student Ashley Brauning and postbacc students Nikita Sajeev, Isaac Collibee, and Nathan Schaumburger for their informative presentations in February.

SRF’s Education Department will be visiting NCUR’s 2023 Futures Fair – Graduate and Professional Fair April 13–14, 2023 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. On April 18, 2023, they will participate in the Ivy+ Consortium on Handshake.

Upcoming educational programming events:

Event Date
Faculty Presentation: Dr. Gino Cortopassi
General Talk: Dr. Ravi Jain, Title: "Considerations for Translating Research"
Faculty Presentation: Dr. Evan Snyder
Faculty Presentation: Dr. Danica Chen

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