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Lifespan.io is a leading nonprofit advocacy foundation and online platform committed to advancing the science of aging and promoting healthy human lifespan.

By supporting groundbreaking research projects, disseminating educational resources, and raising public awareness about the importance of longevity, Lifespan.io aims to accelerate the development of therapies that can improve the quality of life for people worldwide.

Every week we highlight different organizations and the real-world impact they are making to turn our mission into reality.

We’re proud to have Dr. Gino Cortopassi of UC Davis as a mentor to some of SRF’s Summer Scholars! Dr. Cortopassi has a storied record in aging science, going back to 1990 when he first used the then-new technology of PCR to discover that aging cells in humans accumulated large deletion mutations in their mitochondrial DNA.

Since then he has continued to contribute new data in many aspects of how we age and what we might do about it, from work on the ketogenic diet in aging to his nomination of one of the newest successful longevity drugs in the NIA’s Interventions Testing Program.

In this interview with Science Writer Michael Rae, Dr. Cortopassi looks back and forward through his many contributions to the biology of aging and interventions to give us longer and healthier lives.

Please enjoy this Highlight Reel from our Ending Aging Forum 2023! Thank you to all our supporters, team members, speakers, and students for making this event a great success.

Additionally, the following presentations from Ending Aging Forum 2023 are now available on our YouTube channel: Dr. Abdelhadi Rebbaa, Michael Rae, and Danielle Vansover.

Research Highlights -

SRF is a proud sponsor of the Phaedon Institute’s Seno-Therapeutics Summit 2023. Dr. Amit Sharma spoke at the Summit – his presentation was entitled, “Next-generation Senotherapeutics: From harnessing the immune system to targeting newer vulnerabilities of senescent cells.

The summit was hosted by the Buck Institute For Research On Aging in Novato, CA. Entitled Seno-Therapeutics: Past, Present & Future of the Science of Cellular Senescence and Therapeutics, the summit was held November 7-8, 2023.

Repairing the Extracellular Matrix:  Request for Proposal

The SENS Research Foundation is seeking proposals for innovative approaches to repairing age-related extracellular damage. Proposals should include a comprehensive description of the proposed approach and any supporting evidence, as well as a detailed budget and timeline for completion.

Education Highlights -

Thank you so much to Gabriel, Bronwyn, Laura, Lucta, Kristen, and Simon for your fantastic proposal presentations.!

The Sponsor a Student campaign is still ongoing! Please encourage people to sponsor our brilliant students and increase our reach.

Applications for the Summer Scholars and Post-Bacc Fellowship are open! We will be announcing our various recruiting activities in the coming month.

We are thrilled to announce the acceptance of two new Graduate Interns, Michael, and Kriti.

Our new PhD program is always open for applications! Applicants who apply before November 1st will be eligible for spring admission.

Please click on the link below for more details and upcoming Program Dates.

Dr. Khalid Shah recently presented to SRF’s Education Department and team. His presentation, The Concept of Innovation and Orchestration: Translating Engineered Cellular Therapies for Cancer, introduces ideas for integrating different scientific disciplines to ultimately find a cure for cancer.

Dr. Shah is Principal Faculty at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute. Additionally, Dr. Shah is a Professor at Harvard Medical School, Vice Chair of Research at Brigham and Women’s Hospital Harvard Medical School, Founder/Director of the Center for Stem Cell and Translational Immunotherapy, and Founder/Director of the Center for Excellence in Biomedicine.


Senolytics in Aging Muscle: Could the Cure Be Worse than the Disease?

Skeletal muscles are organized into long fibers, and when a fiber breaks the entire fiber is often lost. This made a supporter worry that senolytic therapies might break a muscle fiber and eliminate precious fibers in aging muscles. It appears that the injury at the heart of the questioner’s worry does not happen in practice.

More Studies on Metformin and Survival

In this update, we review two recent papers that address the question of people with type 2 diabetes who take metformin living longer than people without the disease who don’t, but without the flaw in the 2014 study. We find that, as expected, metformin is a good diabetes drug but shows no sign of being a longevity therapeutic.

Sponsor a Student

SENS Research Foundation (SRF) is launching its campaign Sponsor a Student to increase charitable donations that will allow it to hire more student researchers and teach them that aging is not indisputable. Sponsoring a student dramatically transforms a young person’s life, giving them a chance to conduct world-class research and learn more about the career that awaits them.

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