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SENS Research Foundation is delighted to announce the release of our latest Annual Report, describing the progress of our work through 2019-2020.

The report includes sections on all of our active research projects and our outreach efforts around the world, introduces some new additions to the SRF team, and includes a tribute to founding CEO Mike Kope as well as details on his new position leading SRF spin-off Underdog Pharmaceuticals.

As ever, we’re tremendously grateful to the supporters whose donations have enabled us to make these steps towards a world free of age-related disease and disability.

Nearly half of the mammalian genome is long and short interspersed virus-like repetitive elements (LINEs and SINEs), which spread through the process of retrotransposition.

SRF is funding a study to test the impact of the removal of cells damaged by LINE/SINE reactivation on healthspan and lifespan, via the creation of a special transgenic mouse in the lab of Dr. Andrei Gudkov at the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Recognizing the challenges that will face high school biology teachers in the upcoming academic year, SRF has launched the Research Integrated Science Education (RISE) Program to provide distance-friendly lessons that integrate experimental design and data interpretation concepts into the high school biology curriculum.

The latest SRF news:

Revel Strengthens Boards

SRF spin-off Revel Pharmaceuticals, a privately held biotechnology company creating therapeutics to reverse and repair damage that results from aging – particularly extracellular crosslinks – has announced recent additions to its Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board.

Defatting the Streaks

The removal of damaged material from within atherosclerotic plaques (“fatty streaks”) to restore cardiovascular health is a key component of SENS, now being developed for the clinic by SRF ally Underdog Pharmaceuticals. Exciting new preclinical results from another group using this strategy have recently been published in ACS Nano.

Which Links Must Be Broken?

Dr. Jonathan Clark’s SRF-funded group at the Babraham Institute have published two new papers showing that the current model in which aging tissues lose elasticity due to the accumulation of stable crosslinks is not the full story – results which will be crucial to reversing that deterioration.

SciFuture Interview

In conversation with Adam Ford, Dr. Aubrey de Grey explains how recent extraordinary results with senolytic drugs suggest that the milestone of “Robust Mouse Rejuvenation” – a key step towards comprehensively undoing human aging – could be as little as three years away.

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More Cryptocurrencies Added

SENS Research Foundation is now able to accept donations in Zcash (ZEC), in addition to eight other major cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, 0x (ZRX), USD Coin, and BAT. Visit the donate page for more information!

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Vitalik’s $350,000 Donation

We’re grateful to cryptocurrency pioneer Vitalik Buterin for once again choosing to support SENS Research Foundation, with a generous donation of $350,000 in Ethereum towards our End of Year campaign to Reimagine Aging.

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