SENSible Question: Billionaires Redux

A supporter raises a new angle on an old concern: might fabulously wealthy people hoard longevity therapeutics for themselves? The context for the question and the motivation behind it are different, but the answer is still “no.” Rejuvenation biotechnology will be widely available to aging people, and SENS Research Foundation will work at the front end and the back end to ensure that access to longevity therapeutics expands as quickly and as widely as possible.


An Oil Change is Not a Gasket Change: Insights from the Interaction of “Old Blood” and Senolytic Therapy

When blood from a biologically aged animal is transfused into a young one, the young animal suffers “pro-aging” effects. By contrast, reducing the burden of “pro-aging” signaling factors in old blood is not enough to remove existing damage from a similar-aged mouse’s biologically aged tissues.


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