An SRF-sponsored new organization and Longevity Summer Camp

SRF is a proud sponsor of LessDeath and the Longevity Summer Camp! LessDeath is a new organization and event series dedicated to helping people join the Longevity Biotechnology industry through education, career and community strategizing, job opportunities, and more.

You don’t need a biology PhD to get involved! The industry needs many types of scientists, engineers, programmers, founders, technicians, operations experts and more. If you’re passionate about maximizing human health and lifespan, LessDeath’s mission is to help you find effective ways to contribute!

LessDeath’s Longevity Summer Camp will be hosted July 20th-24th in California. Our very own Vice President of Research, Dr. Alexandra Stolzing, will be one of the camp counselors. Visit the link below to learn more and to apply to the summer camp.

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