Executive Summary, Final Investigative Report

Dear SENS Research Foundation Community:

Today, we are releasing the Executive Summary concerning the second of two investigations into the conduct of SRF’s Founder and former Chief Science Officer, Dr. Aubrey de Grey. As this report notes, during the course of SRF’s first investigation into Dr. de Grey’s conduct, “witnesses reported Dr. de Grey may have engaged in inappropriate conduct toward others.” In the interest of accountability, we expanded the investigator’s scope to look into these allegations as well. It’s important to note that this investigation was an extension of, rather than a reassessment of, the initial investigation.

As you will see in the enclosed report, the investigator affirms some additional, limited boundary-crossing and unprofessional behaviors had occurred over a 12-year period.  We hope this report helps to bring closure to the individuals who came forward to raise concerns, and also to our larger longevity community.

This investigation and its findings do not have any bearing on the SRF Board of Directors’ unanimous decision to separate from Dr. de Grey in response to his unacceptable interference during the initial phase of the investigation. The SRF Board has not officially deliberated (and will not officially deliberate) on whether either report’s findings might have led to Dr. de Grey’s termination or other disciplinary matters.

This report concludes SRF’s work with its independent investigator, Van Dermyden Makus. We are deeply grateful to the investigators for their guidance, their diligent work and their professionalism during this challenging chapter in the life of the Foundation.

The release of this report also symbolizes a page turning of sorts for SRF – the closure of a difficult and disruptive period in our history. With an eye toward the future and the great work ahead of us, bolstered by strong interim leadership, scientists and staff, we now move forward with a renewed commitment and sharpened focus on our goal of advancing innovation within the longevity field.

Our respect for Dr. de Grey and his work remains deep and unwavering. His accomplishments are singular; he brought this Foundation — this profound scientific moment, truly — into being. While our separation was necessary, we intend to move forward with SRF in a way that honors his legacy.

We remain deeply grateful to the SRF team and our supporters for not losing faith during an unsettling time. In the months and years ahead, we will do all we can to honor your trust.


The SENS Research Foundation Board of Directors

To read the full Executive Summary of the Final Investigative Findings, click this link.

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