Longevity Science Foundation’s $1 billion, 10 year distribution shows shift in attitudes since SRF inception

SRF is elated at the announcement in Longevity Technology of a fund that will distribute more than $1 billion over a ten year period specifically “to research, institutions and projects advancing healthy human longevity and extending the healthy human lifespan to more than 120 years.”

Few may remember the environment in which SRF began, in which interest in longevity research and significant extension of human life was far outside the mainstream and inordinately difficult to raise funds for. Along with the recent founding of Altos labs, the Longevity Science Foundation’s extraordinary commitment heralds a hard-fought shift in attitudes towards fighting aging.

The Foundation will be advised by a “‘Visionary Board’ of leading longevity researchers, led by Evelyne Bischof and joined by Andrea B Maier, Eric Verdin, Matt Kaeberlein and Alex Zhavoronkov…”

According to Longevity Technology, “The focus of the Foundation will be to . . . . support projects in four major areas of healthy longevity medicine and tech – therapeutics, personalised medicine, AI and predictive diagnostics . . . . that can make a significant difference in people’s lives as soon as possible – even within five years.” The Foundation will also focus on “…driving longevity medicine from theoretical concepts to real-world applications…” that can be transformed into clinical treatments. Translational medicine has been hindered by a lack of sufficient funding, where the promises of revolutionary therapies remain locked away from discovery.

Visionary Board member Andrea B Maier also serves as co-director of the Centre for Healthy Longevity at the National University of Singapore, and predicts “In 5 years, healthy longevity will not only exist as a lab-proven concept, but will become part of everyone’s life.

The article also reports that “the Foundation will also empower people from all over the world to directly support the development of longevity research . . . and share findings with the public to enhance awareness of longevity care and available treatments.”

SENS Research Foundation looks forward to seeing this sector grow rapidly over the near future with evermore mainstream acceptance, and more resources like the Longevity Science Foundation’s offer the hope of ending aging in our lifetimes.

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