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We are proud to be sponsoring RAADFEST for another consecutive year and to have some of our key team members presenting at the event.

RAADfest is the world’s largest gathering of radical life extension enthusiasts. RAADfest combines the energy and fun of a festival, the empowerment and interaction of personal development, with cutting edge science presented for a lay audience to create the most holistic radical life extension event ever.

If you are not already registered, you can use discount code: SENS when registering at

We are pleased to announce that the ApoptoSENS team led by Dr. Amit Sharma at the SRF Research Center has recently been granted a Catalyst award, courtesy of the Healthy Longevity Global Competition, to continue and expand their critical work on the interactions between senescent cells and natural killer (NK) cells.

Supported by the award, the ApoptoSENS team will now investigate whether the age-related loss of NK cell effectiveness in clearing senescent cells is reversible, and whether this may provide routes for therapeutic intervention. If successful, this work will clear a major hurdle to realizing NK cell-based treatments for senescent cell elimination.

The Research-Integrated Science Education (RISE) Program has launched a new cellular senescence-themed learning module. Explore videos detailing laboratory techniques and biological concepts underpinning cell senescence research to better understand SRF’s current project led by Dr. Amit Sharma.

Teachers will also be able to utilize additional resources, such as presentations outlining primary literature and interactive data analysis activities, to explore how senescence affects lifespan, cancer, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Annual Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week 2021

SENS Research Foundation joins the Mitochondrial Medicine Society and during the third week of September in raising awareness for the Annual Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week.

Mitochondrial function declines with age, and these dysfunctional mitochondria adversely contribute to several metabolic and neuromuscular diseases. The mitoSENS team is working tirelessly to help discover the science to reverse and/or prevent damage to mitochondrial DNA. 

Altos Labs recruits star researchers for rejuvenation therapeutics

As reported in the MIT Technology Review, the rejuvenation start-up is recruiting top researchers to work on “unfettered blue-sky research on how cells age and how to reverse that process.” Milner, a billionaire investor and science enthusiast, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos are said to be investing in the venture that has so far brought on Juan Carlos Izpisúa Belmonte from the Salk Institute, UCLA professor Steve Horvath, and Nobel Prize winning scientist Shinya Yamanaka, who will chair the scientific advisory board.

Brain Inflammation from Alzheimer's Disease

The Pathological Basis of “Normal” Cognitive Aging

Beginning in the 1960s, a loose alliance led by social gerontologists but quickly coming to include biogerontologists, geriatricians, and patient advocacy groups successfully campaigned for a new understanding: that while some level of minor cognitive decline was indeed a “normal” and inevitable part of aging, the newly-rediscovered clinicopathological entity, “Alzheimer’s disease,” was exactly that: a disease, against which the full force of public and private biomedical research should be mobilized in the pursuit of a cure.

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2012 SRF Summer Scholar Profile: Ali Crampton

Ali will receive her B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of California at Irvine in June 2013 after just three years of study. She worked in the Cardiopulmonary Transport and Tissue Remodeling Laboratory at UCI starting as a freshman,

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2012 SRF Summer Scholar Profile: Nick Schaum

Nick received his B.S. in Biological Sciences from Virginia Tech in May 2013. As an undergraduate, he worked in Dr. David Bevan’s molecular modeling laboratory studying the accumulation of amyloid beta, a protein that plays an important role in the

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