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SENS Research Foundation works to develop, promote, and ensure widespread access to therapies that cure and prevent the diseases and disabilities of aging by comprehensively repairing the damage that builds up in our bodies over time. We are redefining the way the world researches and treats age-related ill health, while inspiring the next generation of biomedical scientists.

Discover the science behind our strategies to extend a healthy lifespan.

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Outreach Highlights -

The Alliance for Longevity Initiatives is the first and only 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization founded with the goal of creating social and political action around the issues of combating age-related chronic conditions and increasing our number of healthy, disease-free years. A4LI works with healthcare leaders and experts in the geroscience and regenerative medicine fields to ensure the initiatives we pursue are the right steps to accomplish A4LI’s mission. To support and learn more, please visit a4LI.org.

Research Highlights -

Dr. Amutha Boominathan recently presented a poster at the Cell Symposia

SRF’s MitoSENS Group Lead, Dr. Amutha Boominathan, recently presented a poster at the Cell Symposia: Multifaceted Mitochondria 2022 in Seville, Spain.

The Cell Symposia brings together researchers that are creating new knowledge regarding mitochondrial metabolism, regulation, dynamics, function, and disease impact.

Title: Gene Therapy for mtDNA Mutations – A Case Study For The ATP8 Gene. Authors: Bhavna Dixit, David Begelman, Carly Truong, Mark Watson, Christina King, Birgit Schilling, Martin Brand, Dr. Amutha Boominathan Presenting author: Dr. Amutha Boominathan.

Dr. Abdelhadi Rebbaa, presented at the 2022 EARD Conference

SRF’s RepleniSENS Group Lead, Dr. Abdelhadi Rebbaa, presented at the 2022 EARD Conference, hosted by Lifespan.io. Dr. Rebbaa’s presentation is now available for viewing on our YouTube channel. Watch HERE.

Title: Combination of Senolytics and Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transplantation as a Potential Anti-aging Therapy Presenting Author: Dr. Abdelhadi Rebbaa.

Education Highlights -

Application season is underway for SRF’s Education Department. We are accepting applications for the 2023 Summer Scholars and 2023-2024 Postbaccalaureate Fellowship programs.

The deadline has been extended until 5 pm PT, February 1st, 2023.

The SRF education department has released the placement options for their programs.

Please click on the buttons for placement options, eligibility requirements, and application submission.

Some important 2023 educational programming dates include external faculty presentations, journal club and progress presentations. Be sure not to miss the following events:

The Education Team had a great time in December meeting students at the University of Maryland and participating in the REU Finder Summer Research Programs Showcase. To date, the education team has met with over 260 students. Please visit the Education Team at their upcoming Recruiting Events:


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