Why orthodox medicine must change - the need for preventative/regenerative medicine - Phil Micans

Video Overview

Most people realize that the world’s population is at the same time expanding and getting older and that these issues present many challenges. This lecture aims to highlight the facts with a view to the cost of ‘orthodox’ medicine- asking the question; should medicine as it exists today be changed from its present criteria?

Many healthcare professionals in the preventative medicine field know that there are many ‘alternative/ unapproved’ solutions, but perhaps lack the details of why it is actually necessary in the first place. This lecture will provide the interested attendee with the facts as issued by the US, UK and WHO authorities.

It will become clear that ‘orthodox’ medicine- as it exists today, cannot continue as-is and that a different path will need to be taken; therefore positioning preventative and regenerative medicine as the most likely and sensible alternative.

In Phil’s indomitable style, he attempts, to challenge who, what and why will be at the fore, what the facts of the aging populous are and the concept of the optimal health pyramid.