Utilizing B cells to recreate the biochemical environment of youth - Matthew Scholz

Video Overview

New proteins that affect or play a role in aging are continually being discovered. While some of these molecules may have great potential for reversing aging and extending lifespan, current technologies for delivery of biologic proteins are costly and require frequent re-dosing to sustain therapeutic levels. Thus, the field of regenerative medicine is in need of a mechanism that can elicit long-term production of biologics in vivo in a manner that is both cost-effective and clinically practical. Immusoft is currently commercializing technology that turns a patient’s own B cells into drug factories that continually produce and secrete therapeutic proteins in vivo. Our technology is currently being used for production of monoclonal antibodies and enzymes in the treatment of HIV and rare genetic diseases, respectively. These ongoing efforts are establishing a firm foundation for our future applications in anti-aging and regenerative medicine. In summary, Immusoft’s platform offers a vehicle for delivery of critical anti-aging factors and, ultimately, re-creation of the biochemical environment of youth.