Thymic Tissue Regeneration Using Natural Scaffolds - Part 2 - John Jackson

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Authors: J.D. Jackson, B. Lee, S. Soker, A. de Grey, A. Atala, J.J. Yoo - Wake Forest University Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Tissue engineering offers the potential for treatment of many age related diseases. Decreased immunity is a major problem in the elderly resulting in the increase of infection related problems along with a decreased effectiveness of vaccination. T cells develop and mature in the thymus. During aging, the thymus undergoes involution resulting in a decrease in T cell production. Methods to increase T cell output from the thymus have the potential to improve the immune function of older individuals. Recently, we have initiated studies using tissue engineering techniques to regenerate thymic tissue. Data on production and characterization of thymus scaffolds will be presented. Re-seeding of the scaffolds will be described as well as preliminary data on the in vitro function of the recellularized thymic tissue.