Slovenia's bid for the world stage in biogerontology - Tanja Dominko

Video Overview

Managing the process and changes that occur with aging is a complex challenge that will require much more than cutting edge research in biomedical sciences. It is only with an approach that marries different fields of science with environment and nutrition, that we will truly be able to alleviate the effects of aging. It becomes important to integrate various disciplines that traditionally do not align themselves along common goals: including molecular biology, genetics, physiology, nutrition, biochemistry, endocrinology, psycho-physiology and movement science in order to prevent the development of disease and slow the aging process. This form of medicine focuses not just on diseases and symptoms but rather on a combination of physiological, biochemical, genetic and environmental factors underlying degenerative process.

Within century-old traditions of vineyards, exploring the effects of wine and food on healthy aging together with cutting edge science in Slovenian Vipava valley lays an opportunity to capitalize on this new and unique concept. We stand on the verge of a revolution in medicine: understanding, treating, and ultimately preventing the causes of degenerative aging. ICAR will become the hub for generation and sharing of research findings, it will provide new graduate training opportunities, and will become a prime European site for extensive training across a broad spectrum of life science areas via summer courses and internships, residential visiting scholar opportunities, scientific meetings and conferences. Located within the renovated historic 17th century palace Lanthieri complex, the Center will unify science, education, corporate engagement and public outreach to achieve this common goal. Where sun, soil and tradition join science – for active and healthy aging.