Reimagine Aging - SRF CEO Mike Kope

Video Overview

Mike Kope, President and CEO of SENS Research Foundation, delivers his SENS6 presentation in this video. He begins by showcasing SRF’s updated website and messaging materials, including its new annual and research reports. Mike follows this with an overview of the fundamental research approach that SRF advocates: periodically repairing the damage that causes age-related disease instead of trying to intervene in metabolism and late-stage pathology. He then describes the challenges that face SRF in trying to build a rejuvenation biotech industry - in particular, the need to establish credibility and build support for the damage-repair paradigm. Mike explains how SRF is answering that challenge by highlighting SRF’s research project to treat heart disease by degrading 7-ketocholesterol (a toxic molecule found in atherosclerotic plaques) as well as the new world-class scientific animations found on In closing, he optimistically notes the effect that results-based healthcare systems (which are beginning to emerge in parts of the world without entrenched process-based systems) might have on regulatory bodies in the US and Europe.