Introductory SRF Presentations

Are you interested in learning more about SENS Research Foundation’s work? These videos will introduce you to SRF’s mission and the kind of research that we fund at top research institutions around the world. After gaining an understanding of the basics of SRF’s plan to combat age-related diseases, you’ll be ready to delve into the rest of the website and learn more about our research, outreach, and educational programs that will help achieve these goals.

Preventative Geriatrics in Outcomes-Based Healthcare Models

In this excerpt from his half-hour SENS6 presentation, SRF CEO Mike Kope describes the impact that results-based healthcare might have on the US and Europe.

A Maintenance Approach to Combat Aging-Related Diseases

During this interview on Critical Thought TV, SRF CSO Dr. Aubrey de Grey explains the rationale behind the SENS model for treating age-related disease.

Creating a Rejuvenation Biotechnology Industry

In this excerpt from his presentation at the 2011 SENS5 conference, SENS Research Foundation CEO Mike Kope explains SRF’s strategic plans and long-term goals, culminating in the creation of a rejuvenation biotechnology industry.

A Damage-Repair Solution to Aging-Related Diseases

In this excerpt from his 2005 TED talk, SRF Chief Science Officer Dr. Aubrey de Grey describes a new way to address age-related disease: repairing the relevant cellular and molecular damage in order to prevent pathologies from ever developing.