Interviews and Talks

This series collects some of the best third-party talks and interviews with SENS Research Foundation's staff.

One-on-One: an investigative interview with Aubrey de Grey

The BBC's Stephen Sackur, presenter of HARDtalk, interviews SRF's chief science officer Dr. Aubrey de Grey on rejuvenation biotechnology and its social consequences. What will it be like to not know if a stranger is 25 — or 225?

The Science of Curing Aging

In a 2018 Talk at Google, SRF Chief Science Officer Dr. Aubrey de Grey presents a summary of our current research — explaining how it fits within the context of the global anti-aging research effort, and why it has gained broad expert support.

Lifespans Are (Not) Long Enough

SRF's Chief Science Officer Aubrey de Grey joins forces with Buck Institute for Research on Aging President/CEO Brian Kennedy to oppose the motion that "Lifespans Are Long Enough", in a debate hosted at New York's Kaufman Center.

How to End Aging: Aubrey de Grey at TEDxOxbridge

In this presentation from TEDxOxbridge on May 17 2014, Dr. Aubrey de Grey explains how 'aging' and age-related disease are just different ways of looking at the same process of life-long damage accumulation - and the implications of this for future biomedical therapies.

Kidspiration Interview

13-year-old Bradley put his questions about aging to Dr. Aubrey de Grey for, a new online channel created for kids. The interview is a great way to explain to your children (and maybe your parents) what SRF is working to achieve!

The Science Network Interview

Roger Bingham of The Science Network interviews SRF CSO Dr. Aubrey de Grey at the Aging and Healthy Lifestyle conference at Harvard Medical School, exploring the history of SENS efforts.

Open Innovations 2015: Aubrey de Grey on Perennial Youth

Speaking at a forum in Russia, where public support for biomedical rejuvenation is already widespread, Dr. de Grey takes the opportunity to focus on how supporters can most effectively pass that message on to those still unconvinced.