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Michael Kramer interviews Aubrey de Grey at ideacity 2017

Zoomer Radio's Michael Kramer caught up with Dr. de Grey after his talk at Ideacity 2017, and took the chance to discuss recent progress in rejuvenation medicine and the remaining obstacles on the path to healthier, longer lives.

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Lifelong learning

"If de Grey’s predictions are solid, what does he think this means for the actuarial profession? “I sympathise with the actuarial profession, because the fact is, the people who pay you to do your jobs really don’t want to know the truth.”

Obviously, if his predictions come to fruition, there would be enormous implications for our industry; life and pensions in particular. Giant changes in life expectancy are likely to spark a renegotiation of pension contracts, as well as the way we approach our healthcare system, state benefit system and provide insurance. De Grey refused to be drawn on the wider impact that successfully achieving his goals could have, commenting: “I think it is foolish to speculate on what society is going to be like, even in 20 years, let alone 200 years from now. So many things are going to be different. The only thing we can do is prepare for as many alternative possibilities and consider how we might minimise any problems that might be created as a consequence of solving the problem of ageing.”

He believes dwelling on the bioethical considerations is missing the point: “We have to recognise that the problem we have today is enormous. Therefore it’s critical not to be intimidated by the prospect that we have too many people, or living longer might be boring, and not let those considerations actually slow us down in terms of the development of medicines that get ageing under control.”"

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Regenerative Medicine Comes of Age

"Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and genome-editing techniques have facilitated manipulation of living organisms in innumerable ways at the cellular and genetic levels, respectively, and will underpin many aspects of regenerative medicine as it continues to evolve.

An attitudinal change is also occurring. Experts in regenerative medicine have increasingly begun to embrace the view that comprehensively repairing the damage of aging is a practical and feasible goal..."

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The Obsession With 'Curing' Aging Is Now Big Business

"As the Baby Boomer generation heads toward retirement, the number of Americans over the age of 65 is expected to hit 69 million people by 2030. That represents 20% of the U.S. population, up from today’s share of 13%...

In Silicon Valley, finding new ways to dramatically extend human longevity has become almost an obsession. Oracle Co-founder Larry Ellison has called mortality “incomprehensible;” Google Co-founder Sergey Brin has said he hopes to someday “cure death;” and Russian entrepreneur Dmitry Itskov said he plans to live to 10,000. Some tech titans are donating millions or personally leading the research into longevity solutions. Here’s a look at six of those people and their pet projects..."

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Denying Death: Is Radically Longer Life Good for Society?

"Should we embrace our end, or should we cure aging? Are human lifespans long enough as is?

This was the central motion of a provocative debate recently hosted by Intelligence Squared. Pitting a philosopher and a sociologist against two scientists, the well-rounded debate delved into the ethical and social consequences of radically increasing human lifespan.

Arguing against the idea that lifespans are long enough is the all-star team of Dr. Aubrey de Grey, chief science officer of SENS Research Foundation and famed biomedical gerontologist, and Dr. Brian Kennedy, the president of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. The team faced off against Dr. Ian Ground, a philosopher at the University of Newcastle, and Dr. Paul Root Wolpe, the director of the Emory Center for Ethics and former bioethicist for NASA.

The debate, just short of two hours, is well worth a listen in full. Unlike most scientific discussions of life extension, this debate encompasses but also surpasses purely biomedical arguments, heading straight into the question of what makes our lives a “human experience.”"

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Korrespondenterna (Season 12, Episode 7)

In this episode of Swedish TV show Korrespondenterna, host Bengt Norborg interviews several members of SRF's staff and explores our work. (Video has mainly English audio with Swedish subtitles; available until May 15th 2016.)

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Is 78.8 Years Long Enough to Live?

"How long should we live? Is the age of death for the average American (78.8) about right or should science continue trying to expand life expectancies? On Feb. 3, that question was debated by four leading experts for Intelligence Squared U.S. moderated by ABC News correspondent John Donvan in front of a packed house at New York’s Kaufman Center... [f]irst to debate against the motion that lifespans are long enough was Aubrey de Grey, chief science officer of SENS Research Foundation... in the end, the team arguing against the motion “Lifespans Are Long Enough” won, according to the audience."

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Gerontologist tells USF Sarasota-Manatee crowd 'aging' can be reversed

"Wherever he speaks, 52-year-old biomedical gerontologist and You Tube star Aubrey de Grey makes it clear he hates being labeled the man who believes people will one day live forever.

As he explained Tuesday in an entertaining 45-minute speech before a crowd of 171 in the Selby Auditorium on the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee campus, he believes regenerative medicine such as gene therapy can repair the damage underlying aging. People could easily add 30 years to their lives within two decades, he said, in the latest Knowedge-A-Bull speaker event."

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How to live up to 100? Anti-ageing therapy could be reality in 15 yrs

"Dr Aubrey De Grey, chief science officer at the SENS Research Foundation [spoke] on the second day of the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit on a session -- How to live up to 100 – alongside Professor Prabhat Jha, University of Toronto Chair in Global Health and Epidemiology.

Dr Grey -- whose area of research is regenerative medicine to prevent the ageing process -- told the audience many things go wrong within a body by the time it reaches 80..."

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New synthetic offers a better glimpse into diabetes and the aging process

"A synthetic process developed at Yale University will allow researchers to study a key molecule involved in diabetes, inflammation, and human aging.

The new process synthesizes glucosepane, which is considered a critical chemical link in both diabetes and aging. It is also an independent risk factor for long-term microvascular complications in diabetes.

In a study published this week in the journal Science, senior author David Spiegel and his colleagues describe the new synthesis, as well as a new synthetic methodology, which may have applications beyond the current research."

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The End of Life and Death

"In this exclusive interview series, we speak to Prof. Jack Szostak (Nobel Prize winning Geneticist), Dmitry Itskov (billionaire founder of the 2045 Initiative), Aubrey de Grey (Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation), Prof. Ezekiel Emanuel (Bioethicist and Fellow at the Centre for American Progress) and Prof. George Church (Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School). We discuss the fundamental essence of life itself, why we die, research into extending lifespans, and whether we will ever overcome our mortality."

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TED Radio Hour: The Fountain Of Youth

"Aging is inevitable. We can slow it down a little, but could we ever bring it to a grinding halt? In this episode, TED speakers explore how we all might live longer and even better lives."

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Companies go long by investing in longevity

"A dizzying number of research institutes, wealthy entrepreneurs and companies, including Google Inc., are investing in research and treatments aimed at creating an ostensible fountain of youth."

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Silicon Valley invests in fix-all cure to growing old

"Silicon Valley technologists are trying to find a cure for ageing. Billionaires like Oracle founder Larry Ellison have talked of accepting death as incomprehensible and companies like Google have invested in start-ups seeking to use technology to enhance lifespan. Learn more about one foundation that has received sizable investments from tech moguls looking to keep bodies from breaking down."

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Front and Center: Singer, Composer, Pilot, Global Outreach Coordinator at SENS Research Foundation, Maria Entraigues-Abramson

"L.A.-based singer, composer, pilot and SENS Research Foundation Outreach Coordinator Maria Entraigues-Abramson is a force to be reckoned with.

Armed with a hauntingly beautiful voice, a commanding presence, and a skill set as broad as the skies she flies as a private pilot, Entraigues-Abramson has graced audiences all over the world with her voice, performing with acts ranging from Latin icon Ricky Martin to Japanese superstar Eikichi Yazawa.

Originally from Argentina, Entraigues-Abramsom graduated from Berklee College of Music Graduate and established a solid reputation working with the biggest movie producers composing music for films.

She is fascinated by science and currently serves as the outreach coordinator for SENS Research Foundation, a non-profit organization located in the Bay Area working to develop new therapies to prevent, reverse and eradicate the diseases of aging."

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Will Anti-Aging Drugs Lead To A Brave New World?

"Ponce de León’s Fountain of Youth may soon be more than just a myth. According to Aubrey de Grey, a leading anti-aging researcher, there is likely a person alive today who will be immune to aging.  This optimism stems from the promising field of longevity research, which has shed its reputation as a quackery-ridden fringe science. If clinical trials of anti-aging drugs prove successful, it would utterly transform society in far-reaching ways. Could today’s generations live to see a world where 100 is the new 60?"

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The Joe Rogan Experience: Aubrey de Grey

SENS Research Foundation's Chief Science Officer, Dr. Aubrey de Grey, was recently interviewed regarding our work for the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

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Will Humans Ever Live 200 Years?

"When 116-year-old Gertrude Weaver died of pneumonia this week in Arkansas, she had held the title of world’s oldest person for all of five days. And she was still a bit younger than 122-year-old Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, who passed away in 1979 and holds the record for oldest human...

Futurists like Aubrey DeGrey have said that eliminating just a few diseases and coming up with new treatments for aging could lead to 1,000-year-old humans. DeGrey, who has been pushing his ideas on rejuvenation and life-extension, has gotten some deep-pocketed company in the past year."

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European Insurance Forum details announced

"The event has a line-up of over 40 speakers, including some of the world’s leading experts and commentators in their respective fields, who will examine and discuss the growing global challenges facing the re/insurance and captive industry and in particular its impact on managing risk.

Among the speakers secured for the event is Dr Aubrey de Grey, chief science officer at SENS Research Foundation and Prof Ian Goldin, professor of globalisation and development and director of the Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford."

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Tech titans' latest project: Defy death

"For centuries, explorers have searched the world for the fountain of youth. Today’s billionaires believe they can create it, using technology and data."

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