Posted by Iain Inkster on March 10, 2014 | SRF Education

Hello, my name is Connor Crowley, and I am a junior studying biochemistry at Wake Forest University. I have always been extremely interested in the incredible possibilities of regenerative medicine and was thrilled to hear that I was selected as a SRF-WFIRM research scholar. While I don’t believe that I have a specific moment in time that definitively pushed me towards regenerative medicine, I do believe that we have all seen the devastating effects that aging can have on our loved-ones, friends, and family members. Throughout my short 20-year life I have watched my grandfather’s life transform, all due to the effects of aging. When I was younger, he always played golf and baseball beside me.

Posted by Iain Inkster on March 3, 2014 | SRF Education

My name is Julie Marco, and I am a junior at Wake Forest University. I am working toward a Bachelor of Science in chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry and a biology minor. I initially became involved with research while in high school under the dual-mentorship of Dr. Michael Tsang (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics) and Dr. Beth Roman, (Department of Biology) at the University of Pittsburgh. My high school research project utilized zebrafish as a model for determining if age played a role in how they regenerated fin and cardiac tissues. The results demonstrated a positive correlation between age and regeneration and also identified genes that are needed at different stages of cardiac tissue regeneration. My early research experience investigating how age affects regeneration is what sparked my interest in the SENS Research Foundation (SRF). I wanted to be able to learn and see new techniques that are being used to try to help slow down or reverse the process of aging.