Posted by Daniel Kimbel on June 27, 2013 | Outreach

The SENS6 conference’s keynote address will be delivered by Dr. George Church, a researcher widely considered a luminary in modern biotechnology with over 300 publications to date.

Posted by Iain Inkster on June 26, 2013 | SRF Education

In our previous Intern Spotlight we learned about harmful proteins secreted from senescent cells that promote tumor growth in surrounding tissue. Senescent cells also contribute to other pathologies associated with old age, such as tissue degeneration. Is there a way to target and treat the afflicted cells responsible here too? This is the question being addressed by our next intern, Sam Curran.

Posted by Michael Rae on June 26, 2013 | Chief Science Officer's Team

Engineering of new thymus tissue is a key rejuvenation biotechnology, to prevent or reverse the dramatic rise in morbidity and mortality from infectious disease that begins in the seventh decade of life. SENS Research Foundation is supporting thymus engineering research at the Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative medicine. In an important first, researchers at UCSF have derived a simple thymus-like tissue transplant that gave promising signs of restoring the ability to help form mature T-cells.

Posted by Daniel Kimbel on June 19, 2013 | Outreach

While SENS6 will feature presentations by many esteemed and experienced researchers, Dr. Felipe Sierra stands out for his unifying vision and deep involvement in aging research.

Posted by Iain Inkster on June 18, 2013 | SRF Education

Our next Intern Spotlight reveals how Nick Schaum is working with the Buck Institute to make chemotherapeutic drugs more effective, with one method already in clinical trials.

Posted by Daniel Kimbel on June 12, 2013 | Outreach

The SENS6 conference will feature talks by many researchers who are leaders in their fields. One such speaker is the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine’s Dr. Eric Lagasse.

Posted by Iain Inkster on June 11, 2013 | SRF Education

SRF Education has a new director, who will be working with student researchers. What does he think about his new role?

Posted by Iain Inkster on June 7, 2013 | Degradation of A2E

Dr. Ehud Goldin has recently joined SENS Research Foundation as head of the Research Center’s A2E degradation project. His work will be to enable the lysosomes of retinal pigment epithelial cells to degrade A2E...

Posted by Iain Inkster on June 5, 2013 | SRF Education

Ever wondered what it’s like to intern with SENS Research Foundation? SRF Education is proud to present the first in a series of Intern Spotlights. Read more to find out how Ali Crampton devised a method to ensure the reliability of research into damaged mitochondrial genes at SRF’s laboratories here in Mountain View, CA.