Posted by Michael Rae on August 17, 2012 | Chief Science Officer's Team

Aging laboratory rodents are the foundation of our ability to study the degenerative aging process, and develop the rejuvenation biotechnologies that will arrest and reverse it. They're also expensive, logistically intensive, and in short supply. A new UK initiative has been establish to greatly expand what we can learn from the aging animals in our collective care, and to get a fuller picture of aging and its deceleration and reversal than has hitherto been possible.

Posted by Daniel Kimbel on August 9, 2012 | SRF Education

The Academic Initiative's interns presented posters detailing their summer projects yesterday at the SENS Foundation Research Center. We're all proud of the work our interns are doing, and are looking forward to seeing the final results of their projects as they continue their work here.

Posted by Ben Zealley on August 6, 2012 | Outreach

In this series of four interviews, suitable for viewers with or without a scientific background, Dr de Grey explains the key ideas, initial results and projected outcomes of the SENS program, and explains how SENS Research Foundation operates to educate and inform the public about the conceptual and practical advantages of rejuvenation biotechnology.