SRF hosts Los Angeles event

Posted by Daniel Kimbel on December 21, 2012 | Outreach
SENS Research Foundation celebrated its progress in 2012 with a party at Evidence Studios in Los Angeles on December 20. CEO Mike Kope delivered the evening’s first presentation, describing the organization's growth and maturation over the past year. Rice University’s Dr. Jacques Mathieu followed with an in-depth description of current LysoSENS research. Finally, CSO Dr. Aubrey de Grey gave an overview of each extramural project that SRF is funding, including research at Cambridge, Harvard, and Yale. The evening also featured a special video appearance by Edward James Olmos.
SRF unveiled two of its new computer-generated animations at the party: one on the degradation of 7KC, a toxic molecule responsible for atherosclerosis, and the other on the concept of SENS itself. Both animations can now be viewed on our website: the first on our research page, the second on our homepage.