I.M. Rea, D. McMaster, J. Donnelly, L.T. McGrath, I.S. Young

Background: The free radical theory of ageing suggests that life span is limited by the ability of the organism to cope with damaging free radical reactions and it could be expected that the activity of antioxidant enzymes should decline with increasing age. The seleno-dependent enzyme gluthathione peroxidase (GSHPx) is important in antioxidant systems by its inactivation of hydrogen peroxide while sulphur-containing amino acids maintain glutathione levels to support the glutathione peroxidase reaction. Methods: In the BELFAST ongoing study of aging, 500 apparently healthy community-living, cognitively intact, ambulatory elderly subjects 70-100+ years were enlisted from the Belfast area. Results: In a subset of 162 subjects, serum/whole blood selenium and glutathione peroxidase (GSHPx) decreased with age (p

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