D. Riga, S. Riga, F. Schneider

Antagonic-Stress® (AS) drug represents an original synergistic biological composition, with new cell-trophic-regenerative and antioxidative-neurometabolic-cerebrovascular actions (1). AS formula was successively developed for the etio-pathogenic and concomitant interventions in stress, wear and tear, as well as in aging processes (2,3).

For this reason, AS drug was tested in multiple comparative experimental patterns (laboratory animals: rats, mice and guinea pigs):

- in stress biology: acute - chronic, psychic - biologic, stress ulcer - oxidative stress, in multi-level analysis: individual (survival - mortality) and organs (stomach, blood and especially the brain);

- in brain aging: wear and tear - senescence, normal - accelerated, oxidative - peroxidative accumulative stress, lipofuscin - ceroid pigments, brain macromolecules - DNA/RNA/proteins, hypo-anabolism/hyper-catabolism, subcellular damages - waste accumulations.

For a better characterization of the AS profile, in these experimental studies were comparatively checked up different therapies: control (inactive) vs. mono-therapies (meclofenoxate, orotic acid, nicotinic acid) vs. AS synergistic composition (multi-therapy).

Independent and authors' preclinical studies proved:

- highly specific, multiple and conjugated anti-stress and anti-aging homeostatic actions of the AS drug;

- superiority of the AS synergistic formula vs. individual compounds; and

-multiple efficacy of the AS multi-potent composition vs. anti-stress and respectively anti-aging mono-therapies.

In conclusions, over 10 years of studies substantiated the use of this new orthomolecular drug AS in regenerative medicine, as an etio-pathogenic - simultaneous therapy in stress, impairment and aging.

1. Riga, D., Riga, S. (1998 - 2003). Patents of the Antagonic-Stress® drug: Eur. Pat., USA, Canada, Russia, China, Korea and Australia Pats., and pending in Brazil and Japan.

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Keywords (Optional): 
regenerative medicine
anti-stress and anti-aging drug
preclinical studies