A.M. Germansky, A.A. Germanskaia

The fluctuations of natural death rate of the population corresponding with the variations of carbon - 14С concentration in the atmosphere were found out. Considering this point, and also taking into account the already known peculiarities of 14С radiating biological functioning, the hypothetical mechanism of radiocarbon influence on a person's ageing rate was offered. Approbation of this radiocarbon mechanism has allowed to ascertain the fact of the coordination between the already known Gompertz and Strehler-Mildvan laws and to predict an opportunity of existence of one more interrelation of parameters of natural death rate of people, which has been unknown until now.

The check of such a forecast according to statistics of death rate of the population of Western Europe countries as well as of the population of the USA and Australia in course of the period of 19th and 20th centuries, has given a positive result. The assumption was stated that there exists the discrimination mechanism limiting 14С incorporation into DNA structures of a person's organism, which efficiency differs when dealing with different populations of people. It is obvious from the researches' results that the activity of this discrimination function of an organism grows in a sharp manner during the periods, when an increase of radioactive carbon concentration in biosphere surrounding the person takes place.

Keywords (Optional): 
the radioactive carbon
natural death rate